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Interviews: Zara Shahjahan fills us in on her newly launched Bridal Studio ‘Manzil’

Interviews: Zara Shahjahan fills us in on her newly launched Bridal Studio ‘Manzil’

Zara Shahjahan’s dreamy new bridal studio Manzil is the epitome of elegance with its fantastical old world charm mixed with modern accents. Designed by the talented Yousuf Shahbaz the studio is nothing short of excellence! We got an inside scoop on the studio from the designer herself, check out what she had to say below:




1) Why did you feel the need for a new bridal studio and what was the inspiration behind it? 

Zara Shahjahan has been in the forefront in luxury fashion retail for a while, and we felt it was time for us to now focus on our Bridals and the first thing would be to have a stand alone bridal studio and  the inspiration for our bridal studio was to make a space which would define our brand and inspire our clients.




2) Why did you choose to work with Yousuf Shahbaz? What do you admire most about his work?

Yousaf was a clear choice. first he has a lot of experience in designing retail spaces and to be honest I only trusted him to design a studio which would enhances our brands identity. 


Momina Sibtain, Zara Shahjahan, Yousuf Shahbaz


3) How does the design concept of the studio reflect your own personality and the brand’s image?

The inspiration behind the design was Lahore, its Mughal and British raj history. The name manzil was always in my mind and it was natural for us to use and it went hand in hand with our brand ethos and identity.

4) What is the one unique thing about Manzil that sets it apart from others ?

Manzil right now is one of a kind stand alone bridal studio. It welcomes walk in clients for ready to order Bridals and also has a beautiful area for by-appointment luxury Bridals. The prices of luxury Bridals has become very high yet the experience is still not up to the mark and we wanted to start that before every one else.


5) Who is the Zara Shahjahan muse?

Zara shahjahan muse is a woman who takes pride in her identity. Doesn’t shy away from who she is yet is elegant and repetitive. I’ve always believed in when something looks beautiful as is then why change it. I love women who have a personal style and always stay true to it.



6) how do you think bridal wear has evolved in Pakistan in the last 5 year and what trends are you foreseeing for 2017/2018?

Even though because of social media bridal wear has because very run of the mill. Brands have made Bridals into a factory product. We still believe in love, and family and relationships come before everything else, and the bride has to feel all of that when getting married. We welcome the families when they come with the bride, we take pride in the process of ordering your bridal. You get to do this once in your life and the experience should also be very very personal and special.


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