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Interview: Shehla Chatoor Talks Luxury Lawn S/S’17!

Interview: Shehla Chatoor Talks Luxury Lawn S/S’17!

With her break-out debut lawn launch last summer, Shehla Chatoor left no doubt that her acute couture sensibilities translated seamlessly into lawn design. Her lawn prints were instantly recognizable with the designer’s strong brand identity, bearing the same extreme glamour and intricate technique that are her focal aesthetic. Shehla continues the momentum forward with her second luxury lawn series that only seems to have refined further still. The print play is more vivid and the patterns more detail oriented.

The designer talks to Secret Closet about what we can expect from this season’s soon to launch collection in collaboration with Shariq Textiles. Take a look at the exclusive preview of the beautiful campaign, dripping with rich culture shot in Porto and Lisbon and featuring three international models flown in from New York, Milan, and London.




1. Why did you choose to shoot in Porto and Lisbon?
Portugal has a dazzling unconventional beauty. The traditional architecture is distinctive and the azulejo tiles represent an eclectic mix of cultural history from the Islamic influence to the baroque catholic churches. This diversity of culture is mirrored in the research for our prints this year. Alfama’s azulejo tiles have played a major role as our inspiration.




2. What was the inspiration and thought behind this collection?
We have gone into the depths of history to do our research and composed pieces that are unique and incomparable. Prints researched from Persian carpets to Italian Pietra Dura to tiles in Mediterranean architecture are abundant this year. The influence of the variety of cultural history has been the driving force of our design process.




3. Can you give your fans some advice and suggestions on how to style your lawn this year in terms of cut and silhouette? (The dos and donts)
Lawn is for every woman. Depending on your lifestyle, your age group, your physique and most importantly the occasion at which you wish to flaunt your lawn there is a vast variety of ways it can be styled. The versatility of our lawn is endless, if you want to wear it for a casual event or daily wear you can save your embroideries and use them on something else. If you’re a fashionista who likes to make a statement you can style your chamois dupatta into a kimono or a kaftan. Or if you want to wear your piece for Eid or another formal occasion you can combine all the elements together. Even the pants can be used as separates because of the embellishments and embroideries given on them. The possibilities are endless.



4. How is your experience with lawn different this year as compared to last year which was also your debut?
The overwhelming success of our debut lawn collection has encouraged us to come back this year with a better collection. We have concentrated on making sure the quality of the embroideries is comparable to our couture. The technical aspect of our design process has improved exponentially all due to the overwhelming response to our debut luxury lawn collection.




5. What kind of details should we be expecting this season?
We strive to design pieces for three generations. There are pieces that can be worn by my teenage daughters and me as well as my mother. The design aspect shows a lot of vibrant patterns and eclectic colours with geometics, art deco, botanical illustrations and Chinese florals.




 6. Lawn is a widely worn fabric. What aesthetics do you have to keep in mind when designing a luxury capsule in this fabric?
We have used the finest fabric to be found. Our embroideries are given separately so that you can go for a more casual look with your lawn and pair your embroidery with another outfit. The versatility of the dupattas is endless, as we were the first to introduce pure silk dupattas with our lawn last year we have improved the quality this year. We have additions like pure chamois borders and panels which leave things in the hands of the client as to where and when they want to add these different luxurious elements. Lastly of course we have infused the quintessential Shehla Chatoor glamour into each aspect of our lawn.

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