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Project Runway: PFDC Sunksilk Fashion Week Day 1- Top Picks!
Project Runway

Project Runway: PFDC Sunksilk Fashion Week Day 1- Top Picks!

The 10th offician PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week commenced with a dream line up this weekend- featuring some of the most anticipated designer brands we saw the likes of Misha Lakhani, Saira Shakira, Generation and Sania Maskatiya all showcasing their latest luxury pret designs on Day 1 of the three day extravaganza! From chic silhouettes to drool worthy color palettes; each designer brought a certain oomph to their collections. Check out our favorites from the night below.

Generation by Khadija Rahman

Generation’s showcased their ‘Bring Basant Back’ collection- bringing us back to a cheerful, joyous time! We adored the designers use of bright summer shades on manipulated fabrics. Using pleats, layering, frills and unusual cuts; Khadija Rehman created a collection that is not only quirky but also extremely trendy! We fell completely in awe of her coral colored pants paired with a ice blue crop top and striped coat- a fun take on casual formals; truly encapsulating the essence of Basant, we’re glad Generation brought basant back!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_01

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_02

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_03

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_04

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_05

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_06

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_07

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_08

Misha Lakhani

Misha Lakhani brought back the age old technique of hand woven fabrics; her collection ‘Caravan’ featured only hand woven fabrics; a sustainable craft that has taken a back seat to machine based weaving. The designer took us back; reminding us that fashion first starts with fabric! Mixing the finest hand made fabrics with intricate modern detailing and silhouettes; the collection was a fusion bringing together the past and future in to one harmonious fashion forward collection.

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_09

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_10

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_11

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_12

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_13

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_14

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_15

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_16

 Saira Shakira

Showcasing their ‘Jiē’ collection took inspiration from sporty forms and translating them into high fashion looks; what more could we want! A collection that is as comfortable as sports wear yet glamorous- the designers fashioned peplum looks with trendy azaar pants, detailed blazers with sleek capri pants, off shoulder tops and embellished bell bottoms- definitely a versatile mix! We’ve got our eyes on their black and white monochrome look combined with stripes and a fuchsia pink crop top-Très  chic!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_17

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_18

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_19

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_20

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_21

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_22

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_23

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_24

Sania Maskatiya

Trend setter Sania Maskatiya debuted her latest endeavor Sania Studio; a western wear luxury pret line of clothing that will surely have you drooling for more! The cruise collection was all about intricate floral patterns, unique silhouettes and striking color schemes. The designer created a combination of versatile cuts from asymmetrical blouses, high waist jumpsuits and floor length gowns to wraps and free flowing pants- leaving us spoiled for choice! Every ensemble brought a different element to the show whether it was an elegant matching separates look in crisp white or tropical floral printed gown- we loved each look from the designers cruise collection!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_25

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_26

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_27

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_28

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_29

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_30

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_31

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_1_red carpet_540_32

 There you have it, a round up of our top picks from fashions most important evening- a true treat for the eyes; the showcasing designers brought their A-game this year and left us blown away!

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