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Colors to keep: Yellow yellow dirty fellow!
Colors to keep

Colors to keep: Yellow yellow dirty fellow!

We’re sensing a power colour yellow craze this year; from an eye catching banana and canary yellow to a spicy turmeric and lemon! Who doesn’t love a bright pop of yellow oozing out positive vibes and a summery feel? If you don’t, we can guarantee you’ll start to love it in no time! They say the colour you opt to wear resonates with your persona, so why not ditch the all black, or better yet contrast it with a yummy yellow to let your brighter half shine! Some neutral shades would work equally well- maybe a nice off-white sweater and some lemon yellow pants?

We personally enjoy the idea of accessorizing with yellow’s- a pair of yellow tassel earrings, a classic yellow hand bag or some yellow pumps. Its easy to go wrong with this colour so be careful on how you play- keep the silhouettes simple, the accessories neat and a hue that suits your skin tone; let the yellow do all the talking! If you’re thinking a little more quirky, we suggest you pick one part of your look, it could be a pair of exotic, stand out yellow earrings or a funky yellow belt, but keep the rest clean and minimal.









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