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Interviews: Nida Azwer on being the new CEO of FPW!

Interviews: Nida Azwer on being the new CEO of FPW!

The most looked forward to fashion event in Pakistan is just round the corner and the lovely Nida Azwer tells us a little about her new role as the CEO of FPW and what goes on behind the scenes! Nida being a successful fashion designer herself, with a deep understanding of the fashion industry, she is certainly well equipped for this role and we cant wait to see what she brings to the table. Read more on what the talented designer has to say below:

How does it feel to be the CEO of one of the most looked forward to fashion events in the country?

It’s an honour to be part of this exciting council.

You must be super busy since FPW is round the corner- any fun BTS stories for our readers?

I feel like I wake up replying to emails and do the same in my dreams too. There is a lot of coordination and follow up on everything – the energy is great!

As the CEO how do you plan on making the event different this time? Are there any changes that would be a complete break from tradition?

I feel it’s important to go with the flow to understand how things run before swooping in to make changes. In fact, it’s not always such a great idea to come in looking to change – I strongly believe in the adage, if it aint broke don’t fix it. Instead, we are looking to institute smaller and stronger details in the running of our events to improve efficiency. To this end we have laid out our seating plan slightly differently; altered the ramp so that the head ramp is bigger giving each designer an option of a lovely finale photograph of their collection. Backstage layout have been improved to make it even more systematic. I feel each season you evolve as a council and make slight change for the events to keep getting better. One thing I have always loved about FPW is that it starts early and ends in good time to have the rest of the evening in front of you.

Being a designer yourself is there any particular brand you’re looking forward to seeing on the ramp?

Being the CEO I’m looking forward to seeing every ones collections on the ramp.

Can you give us some hints on what to expect this time in terms of décor and fashion trends?

Simple straight lines. Most of the detailing, glamour and drama should be on the clothes.

What has the council done to ensure that new talent showcased meets the high standards of the FPW platform? What has been the criteria for selection and what can we expect to see?

While i joined the council once the selections were done for this FPW specifically, as a board we asl all new talent to send in their mood boards and sketches for the board to decide on who we feel has the maturity and the ability to garner a solo show. Judging by the strong precedent already set by FPW, there has been some good talent that has emerged on to the scene as a result of this criteria.

How is it working with Deepak Perwani?Any interesting/fun stories?

I think we make a good team and to be very honest I only now know how very hard Deepak works for FPW to happen season after season and it’s not easy – hats off to him!

Are you also showcasing this time? And what kind of collection should we be expecting?

Yes I am. The collection Alankara takes its inspiration from geometric shapes and textured surfaces interspersed with detailed floral patterns and the ateliers signature bird and nature inspired motifs, incorporating detailed compositions worked in zardozi and resham. True to our revivalist ethos of using traditional craft in a contemporary narrative, Alankara introduces modern textures mixed with classic traditional zardozi work across experimental pieces such as intricately worked trench coats, shorter structured jackets and tops and high waited gharara’s. The collection will also reveal intricately hand crafted shawls or chaddars. Expect a diversity of new elements within our zardozi work such as metal flowers and geometric shaped leather and organza laser cuts across net, velvet and organza in rich jeweled tones.

How would you describe yourself as a CEO in three words?

I like to believe I am calm, always with a smile and at full attention at all times.

What is your favorite part of your new role as CEO?

It’s interesting to see how such a big event comes together and to be a part of making it happen. A lot of hard work on everyone’s part.

As a head representative of FPW can you clue us in on what you will be wearing to the three day event?

That’s the last thing on my mind now! Something easy and comfortable.

What are your views on the style carried by the ladies on the red carpet at FPW every year? Any dos or donts?

I think people love dressing up for fashion week in whatever they like best and that’s great.

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