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Interview: Patrick P.Hoffman CEO of Ulysse Nardin on style and design ethos!

Interview: Patrick P.Hoffman CEO of Ulysse Nardin on style and design ethos!

Fresh, innovative and chic- Ulysse Nardin watches are most certainly on our wish list! We interviewed the ever so charming and inspirational CEO- Patrick. P Hoffman and got some inside into the human ingenuity that combines aesthetics and innovation to create a truly unique product! Read more to find out about the design ethos of the brand and the style statement it sets out to make!

1) What lead to your interest in watches?

“The three parts which really interest me and make me stay with watches is the fusion-the combination of fashion of the technical aspect, the mechanics and the innovation- not only dealing with money…. dealing with a real product”

2) Which brands do you normally wear/carry? How would you describe your personal style?

“Well ofcourse i wear Ulysse Nardin watches, they are very folded in a lot of directions- sporty or non sporty. I think  i am very understated”

3) What has been the biggest challenge in breaking into the Pakistani market?

“Find the right partner – you have to find the right local partner who shares the passion and vision, then you’re on the right track”

4) What kind of style statement are you trying to pitch with this brand?

Mechanical time piece with a technical touch of Avant-garde.

5) Is there any brand in particular that complements these watches the best?

Bottege venetta and Bri0ni

6) Is there any person in particular you’d want to see wearing these watches?

“No. The people who are passionate about watches and enjoy the marine life!”

7) Whats in the future of Ulysse Nardin in terms of design and global growth?

“We are going to continue to be more integrated into the marine world, our history is very much marine- we will continue to protect our marine world!”

8) Do you think a person should build their life around their career or their career around their life?

“First of all is your  life, then you build your career around your life.”

9) What has been the most successful marketing strategy in the middle east and south asia?

“The product itself- our ambassador is the product!”

10) Which design feature of these watches do you absolutely love?

“The marine touch- Ulysse Nardin has a long history of the marine world. They use to produce deck chronometers 70 years ago for marines and what they do today are evolution’s and replicas of what they did back then. That’s why the logo is the anchor!”

We’ve definitely got the feels for Ulysse Nardin watches . So if you’re looking to make an impression with a sharp, classy yet earthy vibe, this brand is the right pick for you!

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