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Whats in store?: AM:PM by Collectibles New Omega ‘Deep Black’ Wrist Watch Series
What's in Store

Whats in store?: AM:PM by Collectibles New Omega ‘Deep Black’ Wrist Watch Series

For those of us inclined towards ultra-refined pieces to complete our looks, the dazzling ‘Movements’ luxury boutique store has filled a gaping void in sophisticated accessories available locally. So here’s some fab news for all the serious style enthusiasts out there: the store is now stocking Omega’s new range of classy and chic wrist watches that will make your heart pound! A treat for the collector and a style statement for the suave, fashion conscious  man and woman, the Omega ‘Deep Black’ series packs a powerful punch of functionality and timeless elegance. Wait there’s  more; assembled using unique technological innovations, the time pieces are a combination of GMT and a divers watch. So, for any explorers of those deep recesses under water, AM:PM by Collectibles offers a mecca of Omega treasures bound to be cherished and kept close.

Inspired from the very oceans themselves,  the enthralling design of the 45.5mm deep black dial is reminiscent of those overwhelmingly mysterious, plunging depths. Carved out of a single block of ceramic, the black and 18k Sedna gold models come with a leather strap, polished with an eye catching glossy effect. The blue and red time pieces have been mixed with rubber and finished off with a matte effect to allow for greater visibility under water. A complete knock out since their launch across the globe, these four ultra cool models are not just a fad but a real divers watch with special specs that include luminescence and the ability to resist phenomenal amounts of pressure under water. An irresistible collection that offers a combination of long lasting wearability and attractive aesthetics –  ladies and gents you know what to put your money on when you go out shopping next! Shop it now in AM:PM by Collectibles stores! View website.











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