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Hair File with the Experts: Pantene Pro-V hair does it all!
Hair File with the Experts

Hair File with the Experts: Pantene Pro-V hair does it all!

Apart from the heat and pollutants in the air that are part of our everyday lives and take a toll on our hair, even the haircare treatments that have become routine for most of us including blow outs, straightening, styling all have long term damaging effects over time in spite of their short term benefits. The new Pantene Pro V range manufactured with Histadine vowed to erase the wear and tear in just a few days and so we took it for a test drive. After using the shampoo, conditioner, and oil replacement range for ourselves, we could see and feel the difference not just from the outside but also from within.

Hair is stronger, smoother, and feels healthy and nourished from the inside. What’s more a single wash left our hair feeling clean for longer, requiring less frequent washes. The new enhanced formula promises to fight the glaring split ends and hair fall that majority of women face in order to improve your hairs health. The formula is manufactured with Histidine, an amino acid that develops and maintains healthy tissues in your hair. Pantene Pro V was designed for the women of today – we understand you always have to look your best and although it may not always be easy, this set of hair care products will sort you out to a great extent. Your desired hair should no longer just be a part of your fantasy, using a shampoo that seeps deep through the core and length of your hair will provide it with the necessary vitamins and nutrients required for it to look beautiful.

It has been proven that using this spectacular product will erase the damage of a 100 blow dries in just a few days! Make your hair healthier inside and out with Pantene Pro-V – put your hair to the test and be blown away with the excellent results. So ladies why don’t you give it a go and let us know how your Pantene hair can #Doitall !





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