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Behind The Scenes!: Pepe Jeans Pakistan S/S’16 ‘Get It On’ Campaign!
Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes!: Pepe Jeans Pakistan S/S’16 ‘Get It On’ Campaign!

A hot pair of jeans can never let you down! A staple in our wardrobes, denim never fails us be it work, a trendy lunch, a party or even the beach – and Pepe’s new Spring/Summer’16 campaign just made things hotter! The stylish duo Ayesha Omar and Sikander Rizvi set the beach ablaze with their sizzling on-screen chemistry, whilst styling the flattering Pepe denim fits and accessories in tantalizing poses. Shot in the calm serenity of the French Beach by the talented Muzi Sufi, the two stars ooze a playful and relaxed vibe, transporting us into beautiful summer days- and firmly entrenching the idea of Pepe jeans as a comfortable, wearable yet entirely fashionable clothing of choice! You know where to ‘Get it on!’ this summer for refreshingly casual and trendy additions to your wardrobe!








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