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Behind the Scenes: The Farah Talib Aziz for Crimson S/S’16 Lawn Story!
Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: The Farah Talib Aziz for Crimson S/S’16 Lawn Story!

With the debut of Farah Talib Aziz for Crimson Lawn S/S’16 around the corner, its time for the inside scoop from the super talented team and everyone involved in the dream like white wonderland campaign shoot! Learn more about what to expect from this most anticipated new collaboration and their debut lawn venture going live from 30th March nationwide. Maliha Aziz of FTA, Anum Akram biz head at Crimson, Sanam Saeed Modi face of FTA for Crimson Lawn, and Makeup maestro Natasha Khalid share their insights from the campaign!

Maliha Aziz and Farah Talib Aziz

The campaign is looking like a dream, tell us about the concept for this year’s lawn and the thought process behind it? Any stories behind how it came to be and all the people involved in it and the parts they played?

The Crimson by Farah Talib Aziz lawn campaign was shot at a grand white mansion with sky high pillars and floor to ceiling French windows. it wasn’t your usual white mansion. It was laden with white clouds, topsy-turvy chandeliers and and a host of white animals – puppies, cats, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, horses and a white cockatoo named Dusky. The whimsical magic of every shot could only be captured by the talented Abdullah Haris. The all white surroundings really helped our prints to stand out and become the focus. There were a lot of animals running around making a mess on everything! Sanam was a real sport she was so calm around the animals even if the bunny jumped on her face or the cockatoo scratched her wrist she would just laugh it off!


Natasha and Maliha on set at FTA for Crimson Lawn SS’16

Details and your favorite picks from the collection?

I love them all so much if I had to pick my favorite is Silver Mist!

Why Sanam Saeed and your experience experience working with her?

We chose Sanam Saeed as she simply embodies all the qualities that the Farah Talib Aziz woman strives to have! Besides being extremely beautiful she has the most striking personality that makes one fall uncontrollably in love with her! She is a talented actress, artist and singer. She is hilariously fun and great at improve comedy! She is the kindest, most polite and caring girl and she prioritises her time with family and cares deeply about personal relationships. She is a star personality and we couldn’t have had anyone better!


You must have seen many of the designer and commercial lawn collections that have already launched this season? What is your opinion on the general trend direction and what will set FTA/Crimson apart?

We have worked for months now to evolve our Spring 2016 collection into an ode to the crème of all culture, a signature of imperialistic art, literature and theatre. We have travelled across the world to the capitals of Mediterranean indulgence and the epicenter of European fashion to draw inspiration from their old world elegance, undeniable charm and magnetic warmth! We have collected hand made tea sets, hidden details in architecture, wrought iron gates, floral-strewn napkins, water color paintings of park benches, centuries old wall murals, ruby encrusted detailing on Louise the 16th’s shoes and most of all the feelings of fascination and happiness that captivated us. We turned each one of our findings into a practically wearable creation that is timeless, feminine and sophisticated. Each design brings forth an element of fun and playfulness yet maintains its elegance and poise. Each print tells a story of its birth while featuring the element that inspired its creation. Our collection will make its owner feel effortlessly styled and undeniably beautiful while instilling a feeling of happiness and an air of confidence.


Anum Akram – Business Head Crimson

Having an ongoing family tradition in the textile biz, you are already accustomed to the full scale of the behind the scenes process, how does it feel to step into the spotlight for the first time with your own lawn and pret brand? What made you take the leap?

My company had been designing and producing for a lot of the major retailers in Punjab. Launching our own brand was long in the works and we couldn’t have found better partners and a better team to take the leap with. It’s fantastic to see the whole process up close – from sketch to in-store sales. We have also worked very hard on creating and maintaining a strong brand identity so overseeing marketing has been particularly exciting for me. It’s what takes up most of my time also!


What are your expectations for this debut lawn series?

We are very happy with how our lawn campaign has rolled out and we hope the appreciation continues to grow! We wanted this campaign to place us as a major and innovative retail player and we are thrilled with the response.




Your favorite picks from the FTA/Crimson lawn series?

My favorite picks would have to be the embroidered garments. We were bent upon developing our USPs and I can confidently say that our embroideries and printing techniques and quality have set us apart! Favorite designs would be Chikankari Tapestry and Tree of Life.

The steps ahead after the release of lawn?

We can’t wait to launch our retail stores!



Sanam Saeed Modi- Face of FTA for Crimson Lawn

How was your experience working with the team of Abdullah, Natasha, Maliha and Anum?

Always good to work with talented, creative, and dedicated people.



How do you like the collection?

I liked the pastel colours and vintage floral prints

What made you want to do this campaign?

The fact that a group of entrepreneurial women came together to launch this made me want to be a part of it.


Natasha Khalid – Makeup Artist

Natasha tell us about the makeup and hair styling for the lawn that you chose for Sanam and why?

The makeup and hair styling for the shoot was soft and ethereal. Going with the colors of the lawn prints I did the makeup in light beige, silvers , pinks , peaches and we went for a red lip for one of the prints. The skin was kept dewy and the hair was either in soft waves or tied loosely.


What were the things that influenced your choices?

What influenced my choices was the set and the props being the animals , everything was white hence I didn’t want to contrast that with heavy harsh colors, I wanted her to look like a dream, soft and naturally gorgeous in pastel colors for makeup and soft hairdos.

Can you share some of the secret products you used on Sanam for her looks for the campaign?

Sure, some of my favorite products used for this campaign on Sanam were:

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Orgasm Illuminator by NARS

NARS bronzer in Laguna

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