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Tapal’s New ‘Tum, Mein Aur Aik Cup Chai’ Campaign is a Hot New Favorite!!
Behind the Scenes

Tapal’s New ‘Tum, Mein Aur Aik Cup Chai’ Campaign is a Hot New Favorite!!

It is reflex for us to switch the channel when an ad comes on- for the most part at least. After hundreds of the same old chai advertisements that feature the pretty girl next door making tea for either her husband, in laws or potential in laws it is hard to even recall the difference from one campaign to the next. However, we have to say that Tapal’s ‘Tum , Mein Aur Aik Cup Chai’ has caught our eye and we will most definitely not be forgetting this one! It is a simple and heart warming moment captured, close to every girl’s heart showing the real companionship in a marriage where the husband does something sweet for his wife. Plus it sends a positive message by acknowledging that making tea for someone is not necessarily a woman’s duty rather it is simply a thoughtful gesture by anyone for a loved one. Check it out right below and tag your husband if you want him to make you a cup of tea here for a chance to win some gifts courtesy of Tapal at tapal official.

On a side note: How cute is Fawad Khan in this campaign!!!




Watch the video and tag your husbands to be a part of the campaign and win prizes from Tapal at tapal official | #tummeinaurekcupchai

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