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Shutterbug: Nilofer Shahid #TBCW15 Bridal Couture Week Preview!

Shutterbug: Nilofer Shahid #TBCW15 Bridal Couture Week Preview!

Bridal Couture Week A/W’15 opens this evening in  Lahore and once again we expect the spotlight to land on Pakistanʼs distinguished couturier Nilofer Shahid showcasing an all new collection “Journey of Self-Realization” on Day 3, 13th December 2015. After the stellar ‘Rembrandt’ experience at FPW’15 the designer is on a creative binge bringing forth another thoughtful storytelling compilation inspired by a young bride’s life to come.

Drawing on the emotions and journey of a bride embarking into a new world full of complexities and challenges, this collection marks a celebration of her courage and strength. While we’ll have to wait for the big runway reveal to view the designs, here’s a quick glimpse at some of the meticulous details and textures to expect. Nilofer has carefully inculcated her signature use of colored bead work within the traditional gold thread and silver zardozi, awakening a pluralistic affect with varied fabrics and techniques. Stay tuned for the full showcase coming soon!







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