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Behind the Scenes: At Sapphire S/S’15 Lawn Campaign Shoot!
Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: At Sapphire S/S’15 Lawn Campaign Shoot!

Sapphire continues to meet the standards it had set out for itself when starting out as an independent high street meets luxury pret brand and its spring/summer’15 lawn promises to be another win for the label under the creative directorship of Khadijah Shah. We cannot comprehend how this superwoman has managed to design two full lawn collections at the same time but she must have an amazing team behind her. The campaign shoot photographed and conceptualized by Nadir and Maha of NFK with set design by Amina and Anisa Rashid Khan, is just as wonderful. The beautiful summer prints have all been captured within the cosy intimate set itself. While you can appreciate all the details in the full shoot here is a fun sneak attack on set with the team, the props, and the clothes!

Th prints themselves have a young and very sweet charm, simple but savvy with neat embroideries on organza borders and necklines that is such an immense improvement in quality and refinement from the threadwork on crumpled cotton of earlier lawn. Multiple prints on a single outfit can sing when you know how to manipulate them which Khadijah clearly does. Here’s a first look at Sapphire S/S’15 lawn coming soon in store!

Amina, Maha, and Nadir

Amina Rashid Khan


Nadir and Maha

Natasha’s makeup world!

Sapphire Lawn releases on 25th March at Designers Avenue, Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi.

Photography: Nadir Firoz Khan | Concept , Creative Direction & Styling: Maha Burney | Set Design & Art Direction” Amina &  Anisa Rashid Khan of RAKA | Hair & Makeup: Natasha | Model: Huma Khan

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