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Trend Alert: Canary Cove Tribal Earrings Galore!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Canary Cove Tribal Earrings Galore!

The trend that spread faster than skinny jeans, the Dior inspired tribal pearl earrings have become a highstreet staple since the luxury design house first introduced its multi-colored double pearl range that was so simple it was genius. But the wave didn’t stop there in fact it has just gotten a whole lot more creative and for that you don’t need to look further than Canary Cove by Tanya Fatah Maskatiya, who on a related note is now also stocking her collections at We love how the boutique label that started simply as a children’s jewellery and accessories brand has given the iconic style its own signature sweet charm with an array of open cut work, gold plated clover designs encasing the pearl within and using crystal studs, and gold tone strands woven into tiny balls resting on the front lobe while the  carved portion peers out subtly from behind.

Expanding on the style Canary Cove has also introduced elongated curved ear jewels with the same concept of a metallic or pearl ball at each end. With a range of variations that keeps the modern stylista’s interest alive, here’s a look at some of the tribal inspired versions currently available. In addition to the ear pieces, the label also has a new limited edition selection of their popular multistrand pearl and floral enamel necklaces in both black and white finish. These go fast so be sure to claim yours before they run out! Amongst the new arrivals are also some awesome enamel bracelets in a belt buckle design perfect for an everyday stacked wrist.

Maheen Karim wearing Canary Cove

For orders and appointment details visit the Canary Cove Profile or shop online at

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