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Trend Alert: Get Your Pearl On!
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Trend Alert: Get Your Pearl On!

We’re not sure when it happened exactly but somewhere along the way, the linkages associated with pearls have undergone a complete metamorphosis from being considered  Grandma’s favorite accessory to emitting an extreme cool girl edge. It was even before Chanel and Dior became obsessed with the gemstone although that has helped the hysteria surrounding the style. The fact is everyone loves pearls and whether you choose to go with a single or double statement pearl or completely drown your self in overlapping layers of it, its hard to go wrong with the shiny smooth surface gemstone that adapts so well to any look.

If you want to go down the treasured value path, something you’ll wear and cherish forever, South Sea pearls are a definite item to add to your bucket list. From simple classic droplet with diamonds styles by Kiran Aman, to heavy wedding oriented pieces by Sherezad and Shafaq Habib jewellery, these designers offer the best most trusted natural quality of South Sea pearls magnificently crafted. Mother of pearl is another stunning option and Shafaq Habib is especially fond of using the textured version of pearl for her exotic pieces.

Costume pearl jewellery is super fun and there is a world of styles to choose from – oversize cuff bracelets, rock edge ear cuffs, tribal earrings, layers of pearl beaded necklaces and so forth. You can pick up a variety of statement pieces from the Nida Azwer Atelier, Shehla Chatoor’s exclusive semi-precious stone collections, or the Ayesha Farook Hashwani (AFH) flagship store or even Mantra. If you like a gilded touch visit the upcoming Outhouse Indian Jewellery label exhibition taking place on 29th Nov at Art Scene Gallery. The label’s A/W’14 Column collection is devoted to yellow gold plated and pearl encrusted statement pieces. The upcoming Canary Cove by Tanya Fatah Maskatiya exhibition on 28th Nov also has some lovely pearl string beaded necklaces in store. If you’re going to wear a fake stone, it should be pearl! Take a look at some of the many ways to wear the trend according to occasions, tastes, and budgets!

Chanel pearls and Dior tribal double pearl earrings

Kiran Fine Jewellery by Kiran Aman – Classic South Sea Pearls

Sherezad South Sea Pearl Chandelier earrings and classic droplet pearl earrings

Sherezad Pearl and Polki Wedding Jewellery for an Elan Shoot

Shafaq Habib South Sea Pearl and Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Shehla Chatoor Jewellery

Canary Cove by Tanya Fatah Maskatiya

Nida Azwer Atelier pearl jewellery from the Ghalib Collection

Ayesha Farook Hashwani’s Amrapali pearl earrings and an AFH Pear and Coral necklace

Outhouse jewellery from the A/W’14 Column Collection

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