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Trend Alert: Loosen Up with Dhoti Pants!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Loosen Up with Dhoti Pants!

We have been following and loving this Bollywood boho trend for a while now spotting it time and again on across the border starlet and extreme fashionista Sonam Kapoor. Derived from the age old classic rural dhoti, the sari version of the fabric drape is undeniably glam chic and the pants bear an attractive bohemian nonchalance on top of them looking unbelievably comfortable. When designers including Sanam  Chaudhri and Nida Azwer experimented with  modern day dhoti style pants paired with both crop tops and eastern kurtas, we secretly hoped the trend would catch on as fervently as it has in India. We were recently reminded of it again whilst watching Sonam Kapoor sport Anupama Dayal Dhoti style pants in her latest Disney film ‘Khoobsurat’ also starring our very own Fawad Khan, who on a separate note was absolutely brilliant.

Although it has gone around the block a few times already in India, the dhoti trend is still very much evolving and here to stay as it can be worn in so many variant forms. Sonam Kapoor opted for both Anamika Khanna and Payal Singhal dhotis styles during her earlier Khoobsurat promotions. If you’re convinced, we know a certain brilliant local designer who is creating her very own authentic high street dhoti pants. Sonya Battla who recently opened her fabulous new flagship store and is one of our favorite boho natural designer labels, introduces a very Pakistani form of the separates using script and hand block prints. They can be easily paired with both tops and kurtas depending on your mood.

FnK Asia known for their love for ethnic pop pieces also exhibited the dhoti style at the Aashiana Lifestyle Delhi showcase held earlier this month. Take a look at some of our favorite dhoti designs by both Indian and local designer labels. Try trading in your stifling skinny jeans for the airy breezy silhouette and you may not go back!

Sonam Kapoor in Payal Singhal

Sonam Kapoor in Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna by Aashni & Co Showcase at Fashion Parade London

Anamika Khanna by Aashni & Co Showcase at Fashion Parade London

Anju Modi at Delhi Couture Week 2014

Celebrity Spotting in Dhoti Style

Sonya Battla script dhoti pants

Sanam Chaudhri

FnK Asia

Nida Azwer

Anamika Khanna by Aashni & Co Showcase at Fashion Parade London

 Sonya Battla 

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