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Project Runway: Fashion Parade Kensington Palace, London
Project Runway

Project Runway: Fashion Parade Kensington Palace, London

Top fashion giants from Pakistan and one accomplished design house from India headed over to sunny London to take part in the prestigious Fashion Parade at the beautiful Kensington Palace this summer. Ayesha Farook Hashwani showcased a brand new evocative luxury pret collection having skipped out on FPW and PFDC this year while Zara Shahjahan, Nomi Ansari, Faiza Samee, and newcomer Seher Tareen of Studio S presented versions of their earlier acclaimed fashion week collections for the UK audience. Anamika Khanna by UK based Aashni & Co., a Bollywood celebrity favorite whose designs are often spotted on Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Frieda Pinto among others was a joy to witness on the ramp. Jewellery designer Nazneen Tariq collaborated with British Artist Romero Bryan.

Ayesha Farook Hashwani’s  (AFH) skill knows no bounds with experimental cuts and exploratory forms. Obsessed with easy fluid flowing shapes inspired by the east and underscored abundantly with crafted embellishments from our own traditions, AFH presented a universal and sophisticatedly fashionable collection. She also introduced black lace net for the first time that added to the timeless classic quality of the line while edgier high-waisted silk printed and bead work trousers with thread worked kimono tops brought the label cutting edge desirable elements. Bias cut tassle dress like kurtas and a stunning all over embroidered kaftan with cut out sleeves in saffron were all beautifully and simply AFH.

Ayesha Farook Hashwani

One of our absolute favorite Indian designers, Anamika Khanna’s dream like shapes and swishy feathery fabrics were entrancing to witness. The designer brought sheer genius to the ramp with an innately Indian sensibility that connected to contemporary and even post modern global fashion. The contours were beautifully distilled with east west strokes and truly exotic styling. There was a seamless quality about the ensembles that transcended boundaries of past, present, and future reflecting pure unadulterated creativity that can not be confined in time or space. We loved the naturally elongating effect of the silhouettes that added elegant length to the stunning models. When you dress up in evening wear you want the outfit to make you look tall and glamorous and Anamika Khanna’s is an expert at it. In fact even AFH silhouettes are fabulous at extending your natural shape, making your legs and torso appear longer. Stunning harem pants, beautifully tailored capes and jackets, and flawless layering complimented by exquisite Indian detailing made for a wonderfully memorable collective.

Anamika Khanna by Aashni & Co.

Seher Tareen showcased her PSFW2014 collective inspired by the Art Nouveu movement and the related works of German Artist Gustav Klimt. Tareen’s metallic glam gold blazer and cut work was superb and the canary yellow art embellished shirt dresses an upbeat addition to the show. The hair fascinators were a lovely English touch to the outfits!

Studio S by Sehr Tareen

Seher Tareen of Studio S

Zara Shahjahan’s Love Bug collection was perfect for a London Summer with colorful vibrant creatures dancing on English dresses and retro midi skirts. Cool crop tops and embellished stone and bead work pumped life into the event and even though we had seen the designs at PSFW2014, we loved them again just as much.

Love Bug by Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan

Faiza Samee presented a re-run of her bohemian separates painted with ethnic festive prints showcased at PSFW2013. The fusion style fit right into the scope of what local London fashionistas with a love for a boho chic twist are looking for.

Faiza Samee

Nomi Ansari displayed his futuristic FPW6 collection once again in all its glory. The collection had everything including drama, fashion, and imagination. The artist also brought an English taste to the collective with hair fascinators to adorn his Peplum cholis and voluminous cloud like ball room ghaghras.

Nomi Ansari

Photo Credit: Tudor Gaescu

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