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Trend Alert: Palm Bracelets; Love it or Leave it!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Palm Bracelets; Love it or Leave it!

Just when you thought we had covered it all from ear cuffs to midi rings someone thought of yet another creative way to adorn those until now ignored blank palms! You might want to think twice before getting rid of or resizing your oversize cuffs and bracelets because now not only can you still use them and look super on trend, you can make them into a bit of a conversation piece. We think it was Chanel that first brought the ultra cool stacked midi rings to light for Fall 2013 Couture Week. Inspired by the half way style, Ana Khouri and Gaydamak pioneered the palm cuff and since then it has been spotted everywhere from the biggest style icons including Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Sonam Kapoor modeling the hand bling on red carpets to the down town high street circut.

Sarah Jessica Parker showing off her palm cuff

A closer look at Elizabeth Banks and SJP’s Palm bracelets

Like most other jewellery trends, the style can be worn many ways. You can layer up the bling the way SJP chooses to wear it or if you really want to make a statement go for a twisted entwined brooch like stoned encrusted piece for an event. If you’re really crazy about the look you could even hop over to Sherezad or Kiran Aman for a bespoke precious stone palm cuff! For everyday wear a simple slim band won’t get in the way of your routine, especially at work.

Sonam Kapoor accessorized her Elie Saab dress with a palm bracelet at the Cannes Film Festival

Jamie Chung

SJP, Sonam Kapoor, and Jennifer Lawrence have something in common!

Quite possibly you may be sceptical of the palm cuff all together. Is it uncomfortable and cramping? You won’t know till you try it but we suspect like everything else it may take some getting used to. After all we cant get enough of midi-rings now! Frankly we’re wondering why no one thought of this concept sooner! After all we’ve pierced, stuck on and decorated almost everything else.

Rihanna layers on Chanel cuffs and a palm cuff

Stunning sculpted palm cuff by Jade Accessories coming soon to Jadore Pret, Karachi

A star palm cuff by Jade Accessories available at Jadore Pret

Jennifer Lawrence wears an Ana Khouri palm bracelet

 Personally we are totally on board with the palm cuff to shake up our accessories wardrobe. Give it a test run and try pairing it with some midi rings to jump right in, you can probably score both on and a local favorite Jade accessories available at Jadore Pret.

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