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What’s in Store?: Labels Brings ‘Tughra’ by Shamaeel Ansari!
What's in Store

What’s in Store?: Labels Brings ‘Tughra’ by Shamaeel Ansari!

Shamaeel Ansari officially entered the pret playing field this week with the launch of her new line ‘Tughra’ at leading multibrand store; Labels. Available  within just a few days of her ramp showcase at FPW6, we wouldn’t expect any less from one of the First ladies of Pakistani fashion or from the man who understand the importance of the connect between runway to retail; Zahir Rahimtoola. For one thing, ‘Tughra’ is not your typical collection that parades shamelessly as pret wear at formal wear prices. With great foresight, Shamaeel divides the sub-label into smart cottons starting at Rs5,000, an accessories line with silk Iznik printed scarves and clutches at Rs3,000, a semi-formal silk range at Rs15,000, and finally a ready-to-wear formal range in the Rs25,000 bracket.

Inspired by Central Asian art and architecture, Tughra can be attributed to Ottoman Turkish influences beautifully captured in royal blue Iznik prints, and earthy rusts. Apart from eastern kurtas, shapes include gorgeous kimono and cutout tops, jackets, and jumpsuits. The collection was already flying off the racks at the launch with more pieces being brought in. While ‘Tughra’ will be hitting other leading multilabel stores soon with new designs, visit Labels to be the first to acquire this limited edition collection!

Shamaeel Ansari with Labels CEO, Zahir Rahimtoola

Iznik scarves

Rubya Chaudhry with the models in Iznik Tughra showcased at FPW6

Smart cottons

Ottoman scarves

Model Meera Ansari looking summer fresh in floursecent yellow and a preppy blazer


Tughra clutches

Models in Iznik Tughra shown at FPW6

Beautiful detailing

To view more collections visit the Shamaeel Ansari Profile Page.

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