Weekend Obsession: All in the Details at Misha Lakhani!


As minimalist designers go, Misha Lakhani has always kept both her eastern and western pret collections largely understated in a way that says more with less, meanwhile her couture range is where vintage royalty would feel most at home. Therefore it is easier to miss the subtle details infused in her pret creations that make her very honest designs so humbly beautiful. There is no room for garish indulgence in her balanced pieces that nonetheless make a marked impact. On our recent visit to the store, we captured some of these impeccable nuances that struck us in particular.

Subtle vintage gold and kundan nakshi handwork on exotic printed and wintery velvet luxury dresses were an instant favorite bringing the best of both worlds. Soothing Kashmiri prints  crafted and pinned in fabric folds made up the stunning neckline of  falling shoulder dresses while the lightest threadworks brought harmony to vibrant colors. Devore carved velvets in rich jewel tones were elegantly cut in draped silhouettes and kurtas allowing them to be accessorized individually according various tastes or paired with signature net embroidered separates. Antique matte sequins and ethnic metallic handwork decorated fabrics without inviting unnecessary shine.

Next time you visit the boutique be sure to spend some time inspecting the seemingly simple but incredibly artistic details that make up a Misha Lakhani outfit! To view more collections visit the Misha Lakhani Profile Page.

Photos: Secretcloset.pk

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