Trend Alert: Top 10 Fashion Resolutions for 2014!


Making a list of resolutions is the easy part. Diet, exercise, giving more to charity, and general self improvement are all likely candidates for the pledges we make in all sincerity to ourselves at the end of each year. Checking off the items is a different story altogether. This year let’s add to the standard cliché bullet points and invest in improving our outward selves by making healthier and wiser fashion choices in 2014. Here are some promising declarations to choose from, but be warned some of them will require a strong will and staunch determination as it is easy to grow attached and comfortable in articles that should have been extinguished months ago.

Breakups are Hard: If you haven’t received the memo yet, it is time to rid your closet of all your chooridar tights. They no doubt served you well during their hay day when anything from cotton to silk, and eastern to western could be paired with a set of catch all neutral stretchy chooridars. The ship has sailed on the days when you didn’t have to worry about matching pants or the cut of your trousers. For 2014 snap out of your stupor and replace them with tailored pencil cut ankle length trousers, attention to shape is crucial. On the plus side jumpsuits are here to stay for a while longer!

 Sana Safinaz pret

 Sublime by Sara Shahid Pret

Mariam Rasheed and Shehrbano Taseer in Sana Safinaz formals

Say ‘Yes’ to Short: While the latter half of 2013 eased in shorter hemlines, 2014 will complete the transition to short with no two ways about it. However the risk lies in an apparent vicious cycle involving designers and consumers as while designers are excited to create more and more short cuts, the strong addiction of the consumer to long lengths is having a somewhat reverse effect as brands try to please their clients. Embrace the change otherwise we may get stuck in a confused no man’s land.

Summer 2013 lawn

Resist Temptation: With the arrival of spring, be prepared to be bombarded with the lawn brigade. You will be tempted to give in to the undoubtedly beautiful avalanche of prints and colors that you think you absolutely need. But we suspect you’ve regretted going overboard on a truckload of suits in the past that you barely wore after seeing them become common, limit yourself to a reasonable number for 2014. Lawn is essential for summer temperatures however with the age of modern retail prêt there are many more available options, therefore try and restore balance to your summer wardrobe.

Deena Rahman

Umaima Mustafa

Umaima Mustafa studio

Mahgul by Nasreen Sheikh

Explore the Unknown: Ask yourself if you’re stuck in a fashion rut. If you find yourself on autopilot heading to the exact same stores and have the same two designers on speed dial year after year to the point where your wardrobe is utterly predictable to all those around you, strive to make a change. This is not to say you should undergo a complete style makeover, however you may be oblivious to the new and talented young entrants around you. A few newbies with great potential that come to mind include Deena Rahman from Lahore who made her debut at PLBW’13, Umaima Mustafa who showcased western luxury prêt at TDAP and has also launched her outlet in Karachi and Lahore based Mahgul by Nasreen Sheikh who took audiences by storm at PSFW’13.

Sana Safinaz scarves

Never Stop Learning: This winter learn at least three or more new ways to wear a scarf. This will broaden your styling horizon and it’s a lot easier than losing ten pounds so you can get the satisfaction of crossing more things off that glaring list.

Leather on the Fall Runway

Say Yes to Leather: A pair of leather skinny pants or tights is a must buy this winter. Open yourself up to the rock n roll chic fabric. You can opt for classic black or a rich ox-blood, either way you won’t regret it. Another option is the dual textured fabric skinnys with leather and denim patches. Pair them with your favorite high heel pumps and feel the confidence levels generate. The motivation may even boost you to accomplish a couple of other items on your resolutions list.

Toosh by Nida Azwer

Save and Spend: Rather than stocking up on regular nondescript items, save up and invest on extraordinary timeless pieces. Be it a statement jacket, a pair of shoes, a handbag you’ve been dreaming of, an original tapestry, or even a piece of furniture. A perfect example would be Nida Azwer’s hand embroidered authentic Shatoosh shawls from her ‘Toosh’ collection.

Street Bazaars

Hit Street Bazaars: You’d be surprised at the one of a kind vintage and quirky accessories you can find at street markets such as Sunday Bazaar locally. Try and incorporate fun statement oversize ethnic rings and bracelets to your look. Other items to watch out for are a printed scarf that might catch your eye or a handbag or even desi pop footwear. Exercise your style muscles by picking out exotic pieces from seemingly ordinary piles.

Cuff Up: Try a new micro trend by cuffing up your jeans just a few inches higher and pairing them with extra pointed toe stilettos, platform pumps, or booties. Remember the key to this style is to purposely bring attention to your footwear. The cuff should only be executed on straight leg and skinny jeans not on boot cuts. This is an easy one but will make a marked difference to your usual look making you appear long legged and taller.

Smashbox Radiant Rush Blush | NARS Shimmer eyeliner Abbey Road | La Roche Posay Sunblock

Makeup Make Over: Use all those products you’ve been saving for the right occasion before they hit their expiry dates. Broaden your horizon and test drive new colors, shimmers, and shades for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Don’t stay in denial, if it’s time to invest in the right anti-aging creams for your skin type do it before it’s too late and remember to cleanse and wear plenty of sunscreen.
Wishing all of you a very happy and improved New Year!

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