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Trend Alert: The Shoe Edit; 10 Trends we Dare You to Step Into!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: The Shoe Edit; 10 Trends we Dare You to Step Into!

This week we’ve rounded up the coolest to the craziest shoe trends we could find to get you through winter weddings, brunches, parties, dinners, work, shopping and just teetering about. The question is how many of them are you woman enough to try out. There is an insane amount of creativity being channeled through footwear but at the same time classics are as relevant today as they were yesterday. In fact now would be a great time to dig through Mom’s old shoe boxes of hippie platforms and pointed toes heels.

(Left) Givenchy | (Middle) Walter Steiger | (Bottom) Nicholas Kirkwood 

Curves: The curved heel is an odd trend to say the least and it would make any one wonder about the comfort level on a scale of one to ten. However popular opinion states that they are actually as comfortable as any straight heel and the curve be it convex or concave does little to disturb the architectural physics at play. On the other hand it is very modern, makes a ringing statement, and if you enjoy futuristic fashion you ought to try it.

(Left) Sanam Chaudhri’s DVF wedges | Sergio Rossi | Alexander McQueen | Celine

Cut out Heels: We’re all familiar with laser cut-out shoes and boots and symmetric or asymmetric missing fabric or leather parts. However the popularity of the wedge platform made it possible to create the effect of geometrically hammering away parts of the heel itself. This is actually a very cool style that redefines making an edgy fashion statement.

(Left & Top) Dolce & Gabbana | (Middle) Brian Atwood | (Bottom) Nicholas Kirkwood

Decorated Heels: Speaking of wedges, another spin on the style is to focus the drama on the heel rather than the shoe. Again this works well on platform wedges due to the ample surface area to play with. Print, colors, textures, or all out embellishment are all fair play. The trend has also caught on to stilettos heels being bedazzled, spiked or given a metallic finish.

(Top) Lanvin | (Bottom) Tabitha Simmons

Holographic : Holographic textured pumps and sandals are the next step over the metallic glaze trend. They are dripping with futuristic glamour and even though they can be a bit of a hit or miss, worn right they are quite desirable. For instance, choose a darker or duller colored holographic and then let it shine by keeping the rest of your look toned down. Additionally this style is ultra modern so make sure the shoe shape is up to the task. Choose cut out booties or chunky heels rather than pretty pumps.

(Top) Celine |(Middle) Phillip Lim |(Left) Christian Louboutin | (Bottom) Burberry Prorsum

Boyfriend drama: We all know and love the boyfriend sweater, trouser , blazer so why not the shoe. This is a rather masculine version of the loafer often with lace ups or sporting a tongue out style. The gender bending frame has the characteristic low men’s shoe heel and is rather suitable for fall/winter. There is a lot of room for texture play with the elongated front and fun variations include calf hair, print, suede, and studs.

New York Fall’13 runway

Put a Sock in it: We mean this quite literally. Wearing open toe and ankle strap sandals, pumps, or boots with mid-length socks is young and very back-to-school chic. Print covered peeping toes and especially thin straps over warm woolies are adorable, fashionable and perfect for winter. This isn’t so much a new trend having been but has made a great comeback on the Fall runways.

(Top) Charlotte Olympia | (Bottom) Valentino

Calf skin: Exotic textures are always attractive and while classes of reptile skin were the ruling party not so long ago, furry calf skin in different colors and patterns is quickly replacing them for winter. It is equally appealing for shoes and bags and many of the top designers and high street brands are now including calf skin in their sought after collections.

(Top) Gianvito Rossi | (Middle) Fendi | (Bottom) Charlotte Olympia

I love Lucite: Transparent shoes were a trend no one thought would last long when the style gathered some traction with Charlotte Olympia’s signature designs. However those people would be wrong as it is still going strong and has in fact picked up more with color tinted versions being introduced for Spring 2014. If you have pretty feet flaunt them with this style that proves to be an acquired taste.

(Top) Jimmy Choo | (Middle) Tory Burch | (Bottom) Valentino

Flats: If you thought you needed heels to look dressy or powerful think again. Women and fashion are no longer reliant on mountainous heels to instill confidence. You can be just as effective in flats and that was the clear message on the New York Fall 2013 runways and even more so for Spring 2014. If they’re good enough for the runway they’re good enough for the red carpet and anywhere else. You can thank the loafer for the onset of this ultimate in comfort trend and enjoy it while it lasts.

(Left) New York Fall’13 runway | (Top) Nicholas Kirkwood | (Middle) Christian Dior | (Bottom) Gucci

All tied-up: Lace-ups look best on booties but are also catching on to formal sandals for some added play. Placed on the front or back ankle this is a relatively easy to wear style that looks great and is especially suited for winter.

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