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Makeup File with the Experts: The Beauty Evolution!
Makeup File with the Experts

Makeup File with the Experts: The Beauty Evolution!

Natasha and Sabrina take us on a chronological journey through the different defining makeup eras with this latest shoot featuring Sadaf transformed from one decade to the next! While Sabrina does a terrific job replicating the hairstyles to compliment each look, Natasha and Hina capture the essence of the beauty distinct to each period. Take a look at the evolving makeup styles as  Natasha talks us through each of the looks that have come full circle through the ages in the shoot beautifully photographed by Adeela Badshah.

“For this beauty editorial Sabrina came up with the concept of using one model and taking her through the decades 1920’s, 1940’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 2000’s using the transformative powers of makeup and hair to embody the beauty of that era. We were inspired by beauty icons such as Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Boy George.”

1920’s: “For this look Sabrina gave Sadaf a cropped wig cut styled to 1920’s perfection with a handmade velvet headgear . Hina and I blocked the eyebrows to create a blank canvas to draw on the thin round arches typical of the era paired with eyes that we shaded and contoured to make round. Individual lashes were used to enhance them as strip lashes were not the norm at the time. We also drew small heart shaped lips that were according to the era painted dark to give the stunning 1920’s look.

1940’s: For the 1940’s the eyebrows were blocked again and painted with thicker arches drawn in a light brown color, with a winged eyeliner and voluminous long lashes without a hint of darkness under the eye characteristic of the era. This was paired with orangey cheeks and an over extended painted on red glossy pout complimented by retro waves.

1960’s: This look was about mode eye makeup with an overly drawn crease in black and pale pastel shades on the eyelid paired with a downturned eyeliner and lots of lashes on the top and the bottom of the lash lines. Pastel colored cheeks and a pale matte nude pout accentuated by a sleek boy cut pasted on to the head completed the vintage chic look. We actually painted on fake freckles on Sadaf’s nose and cheeks to give a picture perfect detailed 60’s look!

1970’s: The 70’s were all about va va voom glamour with dark grey smoky eyes and an upturned eyeliner. Thick drawn arches with bronzed out skin and a peachy taupe wide pout was paired with tousled hair pinned on top of the head.

1980’s: We decided to have fun with this look using crazy triple colored eyes in yellows, shockings pinks and electric blues paired with streaky orange and shocking pink blush and a shocking pink pout cirque 80’s which was all about extremes in beauty. The hair was permed /curled and dressed with a net bow.

2000’s: Coming to our era now where the skin is glossy and luminous, with metallic gold lids, natural brows and a glossy lip paired with natural waved out hair. This look is the closest to what sadaf actually looks like in reality so you can compare!”

Credits: Concept and hair: Sabrina Khalid | Makeup: Hina and Natasha | Styling: Natasha and Sabrina | Photography: Adeela Badshah


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