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What’s in Store?: AlKaram Winter Essentials 2013!
What's in Store

What’s in Store?: AlKaram Winter Essentials 2013!

It’s almost December and that means it’s time to kickstart your winter wardrobe right down from the basics. While during summers you can get away with less than the finest quality lawn by falling for the pretty summer prints and colors even though the fabric usually varies between too translucent to not breathable enough, for winter fabric quality is key. You do not want synthetic khaddar or karandi that is unbearably itchy or lawn parading itself as cotton. Therefore for winter wear its best to rely on trusted textile houses specializing in standards. Leading the way is Alkaram, launching Vol II of its massive seasonal collection focused on beautiful printed pashmina shawl dupattas and warm but soft khaddar fabric suits.

Established as one of the most versatile retail giant clothing brands, Alkaram churns volume collections that aspire to meet the tastes of and prove suitable for women across all age groups. For winter the base palette picks on deep rich hues such as aubergine, burgundy, deep blue and earthy rusts among a color mine of sorts however the designs vary from eastern classics to younger digitalized patterns. There is attention to composed prints including specific back motifs and sleeves prints along with the usual borders and embroidered separates.

Big, bold color flavors invite contrast but there is also subtle color play with shades solids in the mix. The best part are the full sized pashmina dupattas rather than scrawny stoles. Trend tip: Paneled shirts have moved all the way out the door and so you will find more single print shirts instead albeit with different prints for the front and back  that is more in sync with current trends.

While Volume 2 is currently available in store and online at Labels eStore, Volume 3 will be following shortly this weekend from 29th November at all Alkaram outlets and stockists. View the complete Volume 2 Collection now on their Profile Page.

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