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Makeup File with the Experts: Color Studio Video Shoot Break Down with Team NFK and Shamain!
Makeup File with the Experts

Makeup File with the Experts: Color Studio Video Shoot Break Down with Team NFK and Shamain!

Most of us wait for that once a year getaway to stock up on all our bottled up makeup needs. Color Studio Professional has just made our lives a little bit easier with its new range of glamorous Pure Matte Ultra Moisturizing lip colors and HD Cosmetics. The US based international makeup house just launched its new line of popping bold lip and neon nail colors and if you don’t believe us take a look for yourself at the stunning video shot by NFK featuring timeless beauty Amna Babar whose high fashion look was styled by top stylist Maha Burney and executed by legendary makeup artist Shamain. Shocking colors and matte textures are trending especially high for winter. We bring you an exclusive insight into the products with Shamain and at the moment trending makeup styles with Maha!

Maha’s mood board for the makeup

Delicious lip colors by Color Studio

Maha: Orange and red are big color trends for Fall 2013 in makeup as well as fashion. Amna Babar has gorgeous golden skin so to compliment and accentuate her skin tone I picked Color Studio Professional pure Matte lipstick in ‘Monsoon’ a bold rich Reddish Orange which  went beautifully with the deep blue Alice+Olivia sequined dress and gold hues I chose for the set. For her nail color I picked ‘Haute Nails -Chateau’ to match her lips. Her eyes were kept understated with just a neutral brownish bronze shadow. We wanted her skin to look smooth and glossy and accentuate her cheekbones with contouring and highlighter. She’s got gorgeous ‘Vogue’ hair which was tonged in loose big glamorous curls to give movement in the shots.

Shamain: This was my first experience using Color Studio and I must say I was really impressed with the products. The lip colors had a good matte texture that went well with the bright shades. It made the lip color longer lasting and is also more flattering on skin types of all ages. My favorite product was the Kohl eye pencil that was very smooth and easy to apply. I also loved the crisp red and berry lip color shades particularly Romance (tomato red), Predator (deep red), Persian Red (dark red), and Venom (purplish berry). As skin tends to get paler in the winter, I love to use deep berry shades on brides this season. Silvery/gold highlighter on the cheeks is also a must but should give an airbrushed look rather than appear too shiny. While applying kohl, it is best to apply some loose powder under the eye to prevent smudging. Dust it off after a minute or two once the liner has set in.

Amna in Maha’s luscious densely sequined Alice+Olivia dress 

At Shamain’s makeup haven

The set for the video was carefully chosen to enhance the slick modern glamor of the concept and therefore Maha and Nadir used tinted mirrored boxes in shades of yellow gold and taupe to add that sheen and glossy finishing touch. Now that you are privy to all the gory details, take a look at the full video on Secret Closet Videos to appreciate fully all the different elements involved!

There are a whole lot more fun neon nail colors and dazzling shades to choose from. The Color Studio range is now available at all leading stores nationwide.

Directed and Edited by Nadir Firoz Khan | Styling & Art Direction by Maha Burney | Makeup & Hair: Shamain | Model: Amna Babar

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