Weekend Obsession: Chanel’s Back to School Cool VS Dior’s Exotica Bags for Spring 2014


Karl Lagerfeld has been cleverly playing up to the next generation of fashionistas since he first introduced the Boy Bag and the Chanel Lego, determined to convert young women to the design house from the go. College students will be thrilled by the logo scrawled grunge back packs and chalky textured totes big enough to fit all their books and instruments. The collection paid attention to the smallest details with casual colored braids and trinkets hanging off the too cool for school bags, allowing the consumer to relate to and envision the entire ambiance that goes along with the educational experience. The theme was more focused towards art and design as the master knows his audience. Therefore colorful paint stroked flap bags accompanied spring fresh versions of the Lego pieces. The water paint stained washed out fabrics evoked the proof of the creative process that an artist leaves behind as he/she goes through the steps testing, experimenting and so forth.

The extreme turn to finding a younger audience is becoming more and more apparent with the Chanel name. To a certain extent there seems to be an effort made by the design house to overcome the high snob value associated with the concept of luxury designer brands. It comes across as more welcoming and friendly, however we’re sure the prices won’t be as friendly. The patchwork tweed tote and the fabric swatches assembled together to make a patterned surface are incredibly endearing nonetheless. What we love about Chanel is the constant creative innovation of technique and experimentation with textures.

Dior on the other hand is finally moving forward with its handbags as well, allowing some flexibility to the stiff and structured Audrey Hepburn patent vintage totes. The move couldn’t come at a better time as brands like Celine, Chanel, Anya Hindmarch, and even LV step up their game. The collection comprising of delicious candy colored python and crocodile skin bags are basically classic Dior shapes only very beautiful. The colored skin look might be slightly stepping on Roberto Cavalli’s shoes who loves playing with the concept  but since there is no patent on exotic reptile skin accessories it’s all fair game. We would however like to see some new and exciting shapes from the brand.

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