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Weekend Obsession: Charlotte Olympia Lucky Stars!
Weekend Obsession

Weekend Obsession: Charlotte Olympia Lucky Stars!

Known for their quirky, far out style, we may not always agree with Charlotte Olympia, however we are a hundred percent on board with their zodiac inspired flats and clutches! They are exactly what slip-ons should be; fun, in tune with your personality and mood, and ofcourse undeniably comfortable. The colors in suede are carefully curated according to each star sign from gentle and caressing barely there pink for Cancer to earthy orange for fiery Leo. Each style bares a detailed jeweled charm of a cosmic sign on the subtle heart shaped center. We especially adore the arresting color pairing of the charms and the base. An identical pandora box clutch is available for every sign as well so if you’re more of a stilletto gal, you can opt for the purse instead. Slight word of caution, if you get both try not to wear them together to avoid appearing forcibly matched.

Photos credit: Vogue

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