Trend Alert: 10 Ways to Dress 10 Pounds Slimmer!


The all forgiving season of layers is far gone and while nothing beats a healthy diet and regular exercise, there are ways to take focus off those annoyingly stubborn problem areas and give the illusion of a leaner, taller frame using a few simple tricks whilst picking out your summer wardrobe. This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t wear what you like but you can style pieces to compliment your body type. However some items such as fitted plaid pants for instance are a clear red zone!

Stripes: Top left: Feeha Jamshed, Top right racer stripe, Middle: Miranda Kerr for Mango, Bottom left: Sanam Chaudhri, Bottom right: Naksh by Sania Maskatiya

Saved by the Stripes: Always remember to go vertical never horizontal. The top to bottom geometrics will stretch you out giving the appearance of length where as sideways stripes will make you appear even wider than you are. The racer stripe is especially on trend as the single full length stripe on either side serves to narrow your hips and thighs.

Shamaeel Ansari FPW 2013 Collection

Maheen Karim for Bonanza

Butterfly Effect: Even for the average weight fashionista arm fat is an unavoidable reality. We are utterly grateful to the party that brought large flapping kimono sleeves in style that not only cover up while exuding sophistication but are super comfortable. Just be careful when you’re reaching across the dinner table wearing this cut!

Hair & Makeup Stylist Raana Khan

Accentuated waists

Belts are your Friend: Hips don’t lie but your waist is the tiniest part of your torso, therefore accentuate it with a belt preferably a fat one to portray a more curvaceous rather than bulky figure. If you opt for a skinny belt instead, pop out some fabric to create a drop waist baggy effect.

Bottega veneta Micro Prints

Sanam Chaudhri in a micro print top at the Sana Safinaz store launch

Micro Print Phenomena: Common sense will tell you if you want to look smaller wear smaller prints and vice versa.  We’re not sure why it works but it does. Perhaps the micro prints send brain signals that program you to perceive your frame as more petite.

Left: Shehla Chatoor shoot for Labels and Hello, Right: Shehla Chatoor

Maheen Karim for Bonanza shot by NFK

Extension Cardigan:  If your top cuts you off at the waist, adding a long cardigan, about mid-thigh level is a great way to add inches to your torso making you appear taller and hence thinner. Long cape separates on modern eastern wear are currently high on the trend radar too.

Kim Kardashian’s tailored blazer looks

Tailored Blazer: A common misconception is that wearing bulky clothes hides extra pounds, but on the contrary tailored shapely cuts such as a sharp blazer sculpts and streamlines your silhouette. Furthermore it’s a timeless classic wardrobe staple.

Layla Chatoor at PSFW with Hilary Alexander

Chanel 2014 Resort wear with long pearl necklaces

Long Necklaces Equals Long Neck: Similar to long cardigans, long necklaces help to subtly but firmly elongate your neck and draw attention to the front and center of your structure rather than the hips and even if you are at your target weight they are a critical style supplement.

Blake Lively

Hair Up: Slicked back off your face hair in a high pony tail or top knot will bring out your facial bone structure as well as show off your neck. You can work this look for both casual and formal occasions; just remember to tease your crown a bit to add some extra height.

Gucci  matching separates

Match Made in Heaven: Coordinating the top and bottom colors of your outfit depicts an uninterrupted vertical flow. Breaking it up mid way puts the spotlight on the center part of your outline. Consequently steer away from stark contrasting top and bottom. However angular color blocking within a single article of clothing is an excellent technique to whittle away inches.

Shehla Chatoor in a Soigne print pencil skirt

Chanel 2014 Resort Wear Pencil skirt

Pencil Skirt: The pencil skirt true to its name does wonders to harness your curves and slim downwards. Pair it with some pointy toe heels and watch those pounds melt before your eyes into an hourglass figure.

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