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Trend Alert: PSFW 2013 Trends – Red Carpet Edition
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: PSFW 2013 Trends – Red Carpet Edition

The ramp wasn’t the only sizzling feature at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013 held in Lahore last week, in fact the red carpet was peppered with previews of what was to come with designers and notables modeling versions of prints from collections to be showcased. In some ways it was a great way to show audiences how to style the pieces off the runway to suit occasion and lifestyle.  Here’s a look at the worthy trend alarms that were set off on the PSFW Red Carpet on Days 1 through 4.

 Sara Shahid of Sublime in neon yellow and lime at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013

Sana Hashwani pairs her neon yellow with a red Bottega knot clutch

Ayesha Farook Hashwai adds some bling to her yellow

Nida Azwer color block yellow pants with blue and orange

Colors to Keep: It was almost as if there was a secret society or club whose participants had furtively decided on neon yellow and lime as the ‘it’ colors for the show as there was a flock of flashing fashionistas parading the hue and it felt just right. Amongst the members of this exclusive club were Sana Hashwani in a bright yellow strapless toga dress, Ayesha Farook Hashwani with an embellished motif on the same hue, and Sara Shahid of Sublime who loved the citrus effect so much that she wore it both on Day 1 as a cut work tunic paired with beige pants as well as on Day 4 as a fluorescent crushed kurta with a neon orange scarf that could stop traffic. Even Nida Azwer styled it in her own understated way color blocking yellow with a serene blue to balance. That was just the yellows.

Frieha Altaf wearing lime green Shehla Chatoor Renaissance printed dress from her ‘Soigne’ collection

Shehla Chatoor in lime and yellow ‘Soigne’ print with Natty also wearing a Shehla Chatoor jumpsuit

The next most popular shade in the same family was lime greenish yellow seen again on Sara Shahid who is clearly a fan of the trend and promoted it extensively in her ‘NOW’ summer collection which was a huge hit. Frieha Altaf modeled the trend courtesy Shehla Chatoor, working the color into a one shoulder loosely draped dress imposed with a signature Renaissance print from the designer’s ‘Soigne’ collection that struck gold at PSFW. Shehla herself wore a rather pleasant version that combined the yellow and lime into a print dress with subtle hints of tan.

Sadaf Jalil in Sana Safinaz

Asymmetric prints: Printed pants have topped the trend charts for over a year now but Sana Safinaz gave it a quirky new spin by composing print just on the one leg and making it pop. Sadaf Muneer Jalil shows you how to work the lime and the offbeat trend to the tee.

Frieha Altaf in Sana Safinaz and an up top braid with Maheen Kardar

Up top Braid: Serving a hat trick, Sana Safinaz was also responsible for the third most exciting trend that caught our eye on the red carpet. An up top braided ponytail which was a running theme not only used to style their collection on the runway but also seen on both Sana Hashwani and Frieha Altaf who polished her Sana Safinaz drape dress with the hair style. It’s simple to do on your own, it’s young, and it’s a keeper!

Misha Lakhani

Layla Chatoor wearing a dress from her ‘Ayesha-All the Leaves are Brown’ collection

Khadijah Shah of Elan

Pop that Waist: The invisible belt effect was another unspoken rule that everyone followed. We can’t remember who started it first, it may have been Misha Lakhani’s cinched skinny belted waists or a natural development from the drop waist jumpsuit, but the style has gone viral. It makes perfect sense as not many trends serve the dual purpose of style and comfort while hiding that bit of belly beautifully. It can be used to style long kurtas or give a bit of definition to loosely draped silhouettes. On the red carpet it was seen carried elegantly by Misha Shafi, Layla Chatoor, Misha Lakhani, Shehla Chatoor and Khadijah Shah.

Ayesha Farook Hashwani wearing a shaded draped top from her S/S13 collection

Shady Business: Ayesha Farook Hashwani best known for her play on feminine falling draped silhouettes enhanced this aspect by injecting a shaded effect on the fabric pleats. This was a prominent trend in her collection as well and possibly her best red carpet look of the entire event.

Ayesha Farook Hashwani

Frieha Altaf wears Maheen Karim

Zahra Javeri in a Shehla Chatoor drop shoulder with the designer and Frieha Altaf

Peek-a-Boo Sleeves: A little shoulder goes a long way and once again AFH and Frieha Altaf wearing Maheen Karim demonstrated this most alluring of trends on the red carpet. The whole oversize kimono wing sleeve on its own is an obvious keeper, but we prefer it even more with cut outs elements to highlight your structure. It’s almost tempting to take a pair of scissors and go straight through all our closed sleeves and with the heat wave just setting in, some breathable windows wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Wardha Saleem

Feeha Jamshed with Mohsin Ali

(L to R) Maheen Kardar, Sara Shahid, Maria B, Frieha Altaf, Nida Azwer

Blazer up: Finally for making a powerful statement with a sensible balance of femininity and none of the fuss simply add a well tailored blazer the way Sara Shahid did on Day 3 with a neon orange top and black on black. Your options are three quarter sleeves as seen on Sara, a push-up sleeved and/or colored jacket on monochrome print for an effortless cool look courtesy Wardha Saleem, or graceful chic as pulled off by Feeha Jamshed in all white with the blazer placed casually on her shoulders.
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