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Trend Alert: Spring Nail Color Makeovers!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Spring Nail Color Makeovers!

Summers are the best time to experiment with nail colors and textures because the most conservative of us are already in the mood to get creative and give in to the season’s boldest and brightest hues. The best part is that it allows you to express your fun side even if you can’t do so with your wardrobe and accessories due to your day jobs. Aside from the never ending array of shades at your finger tips the possibilities are endless given the variety of nail art techniques and textures currently available. Here are some of the trending styles, just take your pick!

Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection inspired ready-to-wear nail art straight off the runway reflecting the prints and geometric patterns of the dresses that are definitely worth a try.

Did you ever think that the phrase ‘chalkboard nails’ would sound appealing? It does now with Ciaté’s version of a unique black base with colorful chalk doodles. While you may find it hard to acquire the original version you can try it with some black nail polish. Once dry doodle away with your favorite hues.

Inspired from the classic French manicure, two tone and reverse manicures are easy to do and you can play around with the lines and colors to no end. Contrast is your best friend with this little trick.

Studs and metal tacks have penetrated from clothes and accessories to nails as well with decorative stick-ons pasted on pop colors so you can match your nails to your handbag as seen at Kate Spade SS13. For a dash of sparkle you can use crystal and glitter tips as well.

Metallic touches dominated the spring runways be it just lustrous tips, specks of gold and silver over solids, or all out coverage. The Gelish polish range has tons of addictive sleek platinum shades to send your mind racing.

Ice cream inspired granular shades created to resemble cotton candy, Oreo, and mint chocolate chip seemed like an incredible idea at first but we think they would just lead to major binges and ultimately regret. If you can resist the temptation indulge yourself.

 For the more adventurous creatures bloody vampire tips seen at Prabal Gurung SS13 and dangerous shark jagged edges witnessed at Rodarte SS13 create a strong statement.

An interesting technique is to pick two or three shades in the same family and create a delectable swirl effect that is as fun as it sounds.

Au natural barely there nail colors were seen at Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Valentino and many of the other spring shows as well. The minimalist trend is perfect when you want to avoid the hassle of changing colors to compliment your outfits.

Instead of matte colors add a shot of electric neon in to the mix. Looking down at those vibrant digits will give you an instant boost of energy all day and act as a mood enhancer. For best results with this trend avoid keeping nails too long and don’t match your outfit to the shade.

If you really want to make your nails look irresistible Dior has just released a new Nail Glow Enhancer for the ultimate in luminous and luxurious finish. The sheer polish breathes new life into the nail beds making them appear more flushed and bright.

If you’re wondering where to go for these wondrous flavors, look no further than any one of the several professional salons carrying the Gelish Soak-off Polish range that comes in over 120 unique shades, dries instantly under LED and lasts chip-free for weeks. The new Luscious Cosmetics range of signature designers’ picks also offers plenty of fun colors for you to mix and match. Ask yourself this, ‘If I were a nail polish shade, what color would I be?’ Just use your imagination and invite some girlfriends over to gossip while you paint!

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