Interview: Khadijah Shah on Elan Lawn Turn Out!


We had a quick chat with an, extremely tired and exhausted but plenty satisfied Khadijah Shah at the Elan Lawn Karachi Exhibit. The designer is just as gorgeous in person but taller than we expected! “The exhibition is almost over and Mashallah most of the prints are nearly sold out!” she remarked with relief. Before the mini fashion show started amidst the lovely spring garden theme organized by Catwalk Productions, we asked her to share a few thoughts on the response thus far.

Khadijah Shah at the Karachi Exhibit with all the models wearing vibrant Elan Lawn

Frieha Altaf, Ayesha Omar, Maha Burney and Khadijah all lovely in Elan prints at the Karachi Exhibit

It is common knowledge that Karachiites and Lahoris differ markedly in their taste in fashion, we asked Khadijah if she had felt the difference and how her collection catered to the different markets. “They are very different infact, the prints that sold out first in Lahore were the exact opposite of the ones that finished first in Karachi! I think Karachiites prefer duller more understated colors, I myself used to be the same way always going for greys, whites, and beige but now I prefer brighter and confident colors and prints. Lahoris lean towards more experimental vibrant shades and patterns and given the season and unrelenting heat I would agree!”

The beautiful and enterprising Khadijah Shah

Shehla Chatoor perfect as usual with her lovely daughter Sabrieha

Khadijah shared that this was the first time she had actually come herself for the exhibit as last year it was sent directly to retail stores. “When you’re in your own city you know that you already have a certain pull but it’s different when you’re an outsider so I wasn’t sure how the response would be but thankfully it has been incredible!”

The uber trendy; Sanam Chaudhri in striped pants, wedges, and statement gold necklace

Talking about the entire process she explained “Lawn is tough, very tough and especially for me because I don’t have a design team or someone looking at my other lines while I concentrate on lawn, so managing it all is extremely tiring and a lot of hard work. I am also participating in the upcoming PFDC fashion week and while I’ve got a few different ideas in my head I need to conclude on one soon!”

A peek at the Lahore exhibit

The exhibit may be sold out but you can still get the prints through these global Stockists!

 To view the entire collection visit the Elan Profile Page and for more photos from the Karachi & Lahore Exhibitions visit our Spotted Gallery.

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March 18, 2013

agree! Khadija was tall and wearing heels at he same time which made her a lot taller than me, I’m 5.8!! Loved so many prints it was crazy, got only one though! xx

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