Interview: Faraz Manan on Crescent Lawn with Karisma Kapoor!


Faraz Manan, Creative Director of Crescent talks exclusively to Secret Closet about his Spring/Summer 2013 Lawn Collection that will be releasing in less than 24 hours nation wide. We bring you the first look at all the scintillating prints featuring his muse from across the border, the exquisite Karisma Kapoor. Faraz who has been designing lawn since 2011 has established a firm handle on this genre of fashion, working with inspirations from around the globe as he describes them. The shoot itself was held at an architectural cusp of European and subcontinental cultures, the glorious Falaknuma Palace located in Hyderabad, India home to the last Nizam. The structure is the perfect metaphor for what Faraz has tried to replicate through his prints, the majesty of ancient cities past. You will notice a lot of flamboyant ornate patterns and rich vivid, colors in an effort to translate that stature to the woman who wears Crescent.

A rich baroque theme flows through the designs

Vibrant spring hues

Q) Faraz this is the second year Crescent has opted for Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor as the brand ambassador for Crescent Lawn, what makes her the worthy choice to represent your affiliated label?

Karisma has the grace to represent the personification of our inspirations. We her admire her work, experience and professionalism  immensely and feel she encapsulates our brand perfectly.

Behind the scenes!

Luxury personified

Q) Will the collection be made available in India as well?

Yes it is available at Groovytex in Delhi and a few more retailers in Mumbai too.

Beautiful gardens at Falaknuma and watercolor floral prints

Q) Can you describe the process from concept to design and finally print that goes on behind the scenes a little bit?

Between the concept to final printing there is developing a color pallete, mood board, sketches, traces for motifs and patterns, patterns for shirts, embroidery placement, samples, color correction and fabric development and finally finish! So you can imagine it is quite an arduous process!

deeper hues perfect for the evening

Q) What can you tell us about this season’s collection regarding theme, color palette, styling etc and how is it different from last year’s collection?

The Crescent Lawn – Faraz Manan collection 2013 is inspired from some of the greatest cities of the world. From the princely estates of Jaipur to the majestic Colosseum of ancient Rome, this collection trots around the globe, picking up the best across its travels. The colors of Florence blend in seamlessly with the reverence of the Subcontinent in some pieces, while the vibrancy of Soho pays homage to the decadence and colour of the East. It is the best adornment for a sub-continental woman who represents harmony between the eclecticism of the West and the culture of the East.  It’s different only in the way that it is more mature than it was last year, I stick to my classic style…and believe in evolving slowly .

Soothing shades with embroidered scallop borders

Q) Who is the target audience of your designs?

The collection is priced between PKR 5000 and PKR 6,000 and there is a great variety of designs ranging from casuals to formals that can even be worn to small dolkhis as well.  So we have a large audience from women looking for day wear to evening wear as well.

Elaborate baroque embroidered front 

Q) You have also designed for international fashion designer and celebrity Victoria Beckham, tell us the circumstances of how this occurred and the details of the outfit?

This was a good seven years ago…Asian women’s magazine London introduced us and we made an orange corset for her. Similar to Karisma…Victoria took a lot of interest in the details and her fittings as well although it was just a corset that she paired up with torn jeans.

Breathtaking views

Q) Will you be designing more than one lawn collection for Crescent this year?

Being the Creative Director I’m involved with most of the projects Crescent handles. From the pret range at our flagship store on MM Alam road to our planned Karachi show, and even a few shows and exhibitions planned for abroad. There is plenty in the pipeline that I’m working on!

The transcendental palace 

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