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What’s in Her Closet?: Misha Lakhani; The Fun Side of Fashion! (Part I)
What's in Her Closet?

What’s in Her Closet?: Misha Lakhani; The Fun Side of Fashion! (Part I)

Misha Lakhani is the new, fresh face of fashion in town. Her individualistic style made her an ideal candidate for our exclusive feature on class act trend setters. We take you behind the label and reveal to you her personal favourites and winter must haves from Misha’s own closet. Putting it quite simply she says, “fashion is fun, why take yourself so seriously?” We couldn’t agree more. From the go the Misha Lakhani label has been about fusing separate genres and making them work together naturally through innovation. Undoubtedly not every one has an eye for building up a look from scratch and this is what makes her an invaluable asset to the industry.

Feature pic: Misha is wearing a pretty spearmint embroidered maxi dress from her own line and a Fendi Tote, typical of her look for work.

Bookshelf that takes up the ceiling

Embroidered blinds handpicked from Istanbul

Walking into her room, the first thing that caught our eye were the vibrantly embroidered curtain blinds. She acquired the traditional suzani  fabric at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey and transformed it into blinds, a perfect example of her aesthetically tuned eye. Not only does she take interest in her own clothes but the interiors of her own space as well reflecting her love for all things beautiful wherever one finds them. The other interesting aspect was the length of her bookshelf that ran along an entire section of the room covering everything from fashion to fiction.

Vintage pendants

Let’s begin with her vintage lockets and pendants on long gold chains that are part of her everyday existence. Misha loves her antique trinkets gifted to her by her Grandmother. Notice the black frog pendant, these rare and exotic pieces define her while at the same time she is fond of pretty heart shaped lockets like most girls.

For an evening out she prefers statement necklaces in stones and pearl rather than a plain all diamond look, such as this stunning pearl choker. When asked how she would put it together Misha at once flipped out her emerald satin Bottega knot clutch, a classic black and white Misha Lakhani original net embroidered dual layered peshwas and a sleek pair of velvet criss cross Miu Miu peep toes. Simple, elegant with a spoonful of fun just the way she likes it.

Pearl choker and Bottega Veneta satin emerald knot clutch

Balck velvet Miu Miu criss cross peep toes

Misha Lakhani Couture

 We’ve always thought that Misha’s couture creations are reminiscent of Sabyasachi’s passionate works due to the elaborate attention to heritage antique crafts and choice of net and tulle fabrics. So it was no surprise to learn that she is an ardent fan of the designer. She showed us this stunning authentic Sabyasachi lehnga that she wore years ago to a family wedding and still treasures. Believe it or not Misha paired the heavily sequined, uber traditional layers with a plain light pink tee and a contrasting lime embellished dupatta rather than a matching detailed blouse. Wearing predictably harmonized pieces is not a part of the designer’s DNA, who likes to take calculated risks with her style and establish her own signature.

The bedazzled Alexander McQueen Union Jack clutch and an impeccably detailed kani shawl that was a gift from her soon to be mother-in-law, an exotic and rare piece of work found in the valleys of Kashmir.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee lehnga

The hand woven heirloom kani shawl is a beautiful and timeless separate that can be worn in any number of ways. Misha also pairs the rich colors of the shawl with another creation from her own formal line; a signature floral digital print on a chiffon dress with an embellished floor length jacket.

Misha Lakhani fusion couture and kani shawl

For more fun looks from Misha’s closet particularly a closer look at her accessories, makeup, and western essentials for the season tune in to part II of our exclusive feature coming up shortly!

More on this tomorrow!

Photography: Iqra Shoukat, Copyright:

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