Trend Alert: Cutwork & Applique Crafts


Although it is still early to predict the inspired new trends or rather innovative techniques that 2013 will bring forth as we get closer to the first of many fashion weeks to come, one thing we’d definitely like to see more of and consider to have ample potential for refinement is the craft of cutwork combined with appliqué techniques. Cutwork which emerged as a sophisticated form of design in 14th century Italy has been adapted into cultures from all parts of the world and still retains value due to the level of skill and delicacy required to implement it.

Temperley London Pre-Fall 2013

Most often used in lace and crochet appliqués for a feminine and formal look as seen on the Fall 2012 international runways, the romance of this trend was spotted  most recently at Temperley London’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection through elaborate patchwork appliqué. This reminded us of some of our own immensely talented designers and local artisans under their training who especially excel at the time honored craft.

Sana Safinaz cutwork & applique 

Sana Safinaz cutwork & applique 

As far as we can remember Sana Safinaz have been the pioneers in specializing in the intertwining of appliqué embellishments and cutwork in their export as well as couture collections. They were also amongst the first to introduce embroidered appliqué necklines to lawn fabrics which started no less than a cult following.

Maheen Karim lace cutwork applique

Maheen Karim has time and again revamped the method taking it a step further each time with the level of inimitable intricacy and cut using a lace and net base.

Sublime by Sara Shahid cutwork technique

Sania Maskatiya Applique motif

Sania Maskatiya Applique embroidered motif

Misha Lakhani incorporates the classic geometric cut out back in her dresses while Sublime by Sara Shahid shows off her masterful handle of the concept with a highly structured cutwork back design. There is something to be said about the appeal of appliqué back motifs favored strongly by Sania Maskatiya as shown in her range of impressively flawless, tidy signature works. One of her marks is the screen print appliquéd pattern on solids.

Nida Azwer cutwork bridals

Nida Azwer who is known for her miniature hand embroideries is just as gifted with regard to producing miniature cutwork using advanced eyelet techniques and further infusing them into bridal and formal couture like we’ve never seen before.

Sana T crochet & lace applique

Sana T is a young specialist in this particular area with an innate talent and a love for lace, crochet and pearl for a soft and rare appeal. Her singular pieces combine both cutwork and appliqué in a striking balance.

AFH by Ayesha Farook Hashwani ssignature applique

One cannot speak of this style without mentioning the complex patterns of AFH by Ayesha Farook Hashwani. She is best known for her use of color contrasting appliqué designs that create a maze much like the works of Temperley.

Farah Talib Aziz Applique

Farah Talib Aziz Applique

Farah Talib Aziz is one of the few artists who have worked with this form in embossed cotton and karandi net for an astounding result. She is especially fond of the fabric and paints it with sprawling appliqué florals and gorgeous peacocks in flight that reach new heights in graceful and elegant formals.

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