Trend Alert: 2012’s Trends to Beat


2012 has been an extremely eventful year for Pakistani Fashion powered by some rapid trend changes and others that won’t quit quite just yet. We started the year with a lot of patchwork printed panels, flapping A-line cuts, and a lot of back and forth with hemline debates. Later things got really exciting and we saw some brilliant new designers enter the scene, the most prominent being Misha Lakhani and Silk by Fawad Khan. Both brought original fresh trend elements to the forefront much like Sania Maskatiya did in 2011. Misha with her revolutionary introduction of formal fusion couture separates and Silk with an aim to incorporate silk prints into ready-to-wear prêt. Let’s take stock of the most beloved trends of the year.

Silk by Fawad Khan straight kameez

Although multiple panels or ‘kalis’ stitched in cotton casuals went viral earlier this year in succession to the year before, the trend came to a halt towards the second half as they became a hassle and grew tiresome.  The A-line cut was stripped down to minimal straight cuts with short slits while the length still remains intact.

(L) Nida Azwer at the Lals launch wearing her own color block screen print (R) Maheen Karim geometric color block

Color blocking was another trend that was taken a step too far by many. While we loved it at first for its sharp geometric cuts and bold color permutations, after a while it turned chaotic with some designers forcing a plethora of colors into a single shirt and going so far as using mutli-colored horizontal stripes. The trend still survives today however it is most appreciated in its simplest form with the two toned half and half cuts and some borders here and there as carried by Nida Azwer or tasteful geometric clean lines found in Maheen Karim and Silk by Fawad Khan tunics.

(L) Zohra Alam Digital Print (R) Sana Salman Digital Print shot by NFK

Printing technique trends are still going strong and while block print and screen print continue to rule, the relatively new art of digital silk printing introduced on the runway by Sania Maskatiya with her Uraan collection and now further developed by talented young designers such as Sana Salman and most recently Zohra Alam are the latest craze. The vivid flow and picturesque painting like strokes in shaded hues are unrivalled by any other technique at the moment.

Nida Azwer Butterflies screen print Sana T embroidered butterfly motifs

Fiction Concepts by Rabia Wahab animal embroidered motifs

Sania Maskatiya Bird motif embroidered pret

Another fun trend is the adorable animal motifs that have invaded ready-to-wear casuals. From chubby elephants, birds and butterflies in flight to elegant horses and peacocks and even sea creatures as was the theme of Nida Azwer’s last Eid collection are rampant. Nature and everything associated with it have been trending all year and it’s not over yet. If you’re an animal lover the embroidered creations of Sania Maskatiya, screen prints by Nida Azwer, butterfly block prints by Sana T, and folklore camels and horses by Fiction Concepts by Rabia Wahab are for you.

Rilli by Farah Talib Aziz

 Chikankari by Farah Talib Aziz

Lucknow Chikankari by Farida Hasan

Traditional village handcrafts such as Rilli and Tukri patch work and Lucknow Chikankari were extremely in demand this year as well. These classics because of their exclusive availability will continue to shine going forward as well. Mostly accessible through limited exhibitions you can acquire these intricate handworks from private labels such as Farah Talib Aziz, SNL by Sofia Naveed Lari, Anum Salik, and Farida Hasan in Lahore to name a few.

Sania Maskatiya Couture embellished jumpsuit and jacket shot by NFK featuring Ayyan

Fiction Concepts Palazzo Pants at their Lahore store

Jumpsuits and palazzo pants which first appeared in 2011 as high fashion wear trickled down to more commercial high street fashion as well in 2012 with Sania Maskatiya’s and Fiction Concepts block print wide legged flares becoming a fashion staple. The versatile jumpsuit that was first thought of as a temporary phase has stood the ultimate test of time appearing everywhere. From pairing it with an embellished jacket for fusion couture wear as done by Maskatiya to western cocktail wear and casual playsuits as shown by Feeha Jamshed with FJ Mass it has been adopted in all forms and may be nearing completion of its life cycle, it’s hard to tell at this point.

Misha Lakhani debut collection featuring the skinny knot belt

Saba Ghauri bib necklace

Regarding accessory trends which usually follow the global pattern, 2012 saw two broad developments that we love in particular. The first is the skinny belt for a cinched waist that permeated from the west into fusion separates as adapted by Misha Lakhani in her Fall Debut Collection. The second is chunky statement jewelry and especially bib necklaces to dress up and add a playful touch to your look. Semi-precious stone jewelry has never been this popular and Saba Ghauri of Enchanted Jewels from Lahore offers the most imaginative selection thus far, also available at Labels and on order. For precious gems Sherezad and her polki and gemstone cuffs, cocktail rings, and layered necklaces are classic examples of statement pieces.

Sherezad statement polki necklace

Let’s hope 2013 brings lots more exciting trends and more inspiring designers. Wishing all our readers a happy and prosperous New year! To view contact details and more collections of the mentioned designers, visit their Designer Profile Pages.

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