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Trend Alert: Tying the Knot!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Tying the Knot!

The ultra skinny knotted belt cinched at the waist is our latest winter obsession however the style transcends all seasons. It’s so simple and subtle but adds volumes to your style quotient with minimal effort. To think that it probably came about simply as a solution to wear a belt that was too big! The best styles are often right under your nose and the credit for bringing this one center stage undoubtedly goes to Misha Lakhani who actually creates her own range of leather skinny belts that can be both knotted and hung loose or wrapped twice around the waist. She uses them thoroughly herself, and in her creations as we saw at her Pre-Fall Debut Collection as well as at FPW 4 2012.

Ainy Jaffry models Pre-Fall 2012 Misha Lakhani at the store launch, note how the belt holds this fabulous look together

Signature Misha Lakhani clasp belt on her digital print dress

The skeletal accessory positively defines the waist and is super feminine. Whether worn with a maxi dress, highwaisted pants or even with a peplum or other jacket it will go a long way to punctuate your look but in an oh so effortless way.

How to tie it

Philip Lim Snake skin skinny belt

Misha Lakhani FPW 4 2012 double braided skinny belt

The belts are available separately at the Misha Lakhani Flagship Store, view her Profile Page for details.

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