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Project Runway: FPW 2012 Day 3, Chinoiserie by Shehla Chatoor
Project Runway

Project Runway: FPW 2012 Day 3, Chinoiserie by Shehla Chatoor

The final day of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 was packed with surprises and too many wonderful collections to be covered in one blog. Not only did it include showcases by awe inspiring designers such as Maheen Karim, Delphi, and Rizwanullah Baig plus our new up and coming favourite Misha Lakhani, but it also revealed heavenly capsule collections by the fantastic Karachi-6; Shehla Chatoor, Maheen Khan, Shamaeel Ansari, Sadaf Malaterre, Deepak Perwani and Amir Adnan. Not to mention a preview of Sania Maskatiya’s latest line Manchala at the Ponds’ Lounge. Now that is what we call an impressive line-up. Let’s begin with Shehla Chatoor who gave Secret Closet an exclusive preview to her mystical signature prints that became the Chinoiserie Collection.

As promised, Shehla Chatoor took us into the heart of her inspirations, the soul of the Chinese Orient steeped in antiquity and historic symbols molded in sublime colors that are characteristic of her refined style. Her Chinoiserie collection brings together the Shehla Chatoor signature brand with the muse that inspired it in the first place, the imperial Chinese mythical landscape. Never one to leave things incomplete, Shehla complemented each creation with her own signature metal clasp accessories. Charismatic twisted gold belts and knotted necklaces that further enhanced the dramatic charm of each look. We loved the use of her signature print on the long fur boots; pure glamour. The olives, firy oranges, gold and sand against the pitch black silk and those meticulously crafted metallic dragon emblems were an absolute joy. Shehla certainly leaves no stone unturned to manifest her emotions and artistic ideas giving them life. To ensure the visible effect of her symbolic prints, Shehla intelligently tailored simple overlapping dresses and elegant form fitting silhouettes. The jacket with the fur trimmings and olive silk lining was a personal favourite of ours! View the entire capsule collection on the Shehla Chatoor profile page.


Shehla wearing an oriental dragon print from her Chinoiserie Collection

We will be back shortly with reviews on the rest of Day 3’s designers that particularly touched us, meanwhile you can view the collections on the Fashion Pakistan Week Day 3 Profile page.

Photo Courtesy: A Bilgrami

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