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Project Runway: Inside FPW 2012 Day 1
Project Runway

Project Runway: Inside FPW 2012 Day 1

The Ponds Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 2012 opened Sunday evening at the PC Hotel and upon our arrival into the cosy but stylishly lit red carpet, promised an exciting couple of hours of the best of Pakistani fashion. The Autum/Winter fashion week day 1 both opened and closed on a high note with Sonya Battla and Wardha Saleem and maintained relative stability throughout with a few minor faux pas that are to be expected. Debutantes included Ayesha Hasan, Nargis Hafeez, Ishtiaq Afzal Khan and Dubai based Maimoona H among the more prominent DnF and Kuki Concepts.

Sonya Battla showcasing at FPW 2012

Sonya Battla showcasing at FPW 2012

While Sonya Battla abstained from her usual challenging take on shape, she showcased some elegant fluid, asymmetrical forms, focusing her attention to detail on the elaborately embellished borders while keeping the rest of the ensemble simple and solid. There were some vibrant custom prints that we adored and then some kaftan silhouettes which we felt could have been a bit more experimental. The collection scored high points for being artistically wearable by the audience. Over all the show was off to a great start. Visit Sonya Battla’s profile to view the complete collection

DnF by Deepak & Fahad

Sonya Battla showcasing at FPW 2012

Sonya warmed us up for DnF by Deepak & Fahad which definitely introduced some punk rock n roll meets ethnic warlord which we quite enjoyed. One might say the keffieh style is a bit outdated and we would agree, it hasn’t been gone long enough for it to make a comeback just yet. Having said that we thought the use of the print on the tops and bottoms rocked. Better to stick to the basics rather than spiral out of control.

Ayesha Hasan showcasing at FPW 2012

Ayesha Hasan showcasing at FPW 2012

New kid on the block Ayesha Hasan showed some definite creativity and she’s certainly has a strong handle on handcraft techniques, we loved her gota work on tulle. She has tried to experiment with silhouette using color blocking and draped shapes  and some of the pieces fell beautifully. With experience we expect her to go a long way, she certainly has the passion and a step in the right direction.

Wardha Saleem showcasing at FPW 2012

Wardha Saleem showcasing at FPW 2012

Wardah Saleem was an instant hit with her playful candy pop bright prints set against sombre grey for a change instead of black. The colors jumped out against the dull base. The short fitted and balero jackets were the most enjoyable part of this show. Wardha twisted the printed prants trend by using it just on most of the front displaying lovely contrast. The collection had a consistent theme and played with a range of shapes demonstrating a strong foundation and balance rather than going all over the place, a concept lost on some designers.

Kuki Concepts

Maimoona H

Kuki Concepts was more of the same, low on creativity in both cut, color and design, disheartening given their experience in the industry. Maimoona H’s debut collection consisting of form fitting dresses was a bit flat and we wished she had let her style ethos shine through more rather than playing it safe. She did use some gorgeous fabrics however!

Nargis Hafeez

Nargis Hafeez showcasing at FPW 2012

Nargis Hafeez showed some traditional ghararas with short kurtis, patiala shalwars and slim kurtas, a style done to death. While her embellishments were pretty and intricate the whole thing felt out of place for FPW, a platform that stands for making leaps in creativity and showing off original signature style. However she made up for it by some stunning embroideries and handwork using gota and rilli in particluar. You could see it was a a labour of hard work from the amount of careful detailing on each piece.

Ishtiaz Afzal Khan

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan had some good moments with their hip silk casuals. Some of the silhouettes were completely amusing while others showed strong design skills that did not rely on too much color intentionally to keep the focus on shape.

Preview to Day 2

While day 1 had its ups and downs it was thoroughly an enjoyable experience with artistic elegance, shocking displays, and energetic passionate designs. Stay tuned for day 2 which was a definite build up with showstopping elements by Sanam Chaudhri, Zaheer Abbas, and Bani D! You can view the entire collections for Ayesha Hasan and Sonya Battla on their profile pages, and the rest on the FPW profile page.

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