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Fill-in-the-Blank: Wagah by Sania Maskatiya is  ————-

Fill-in-the-Blank: Wagah by Sania Maskatiya is ————-

———– an ode to sub-continental cultures. After the super successful Lokum collection that she introduced last Eid, which stemmed from Turkish art and architecture, Sania Maskatiya is back with yet another lesson in history! This time she plays it closer to home with her exclusive collection ‘Wagah’. The line is a tribute to the Indo-Pak culture taking its inspiration from traditional woven and block printed textiles, accompanied by Indian miniature art. Wagah boasts Sania’s signature elements of history and tradition that always tells a story.

A beautiful fusion of Indo-Pak aesthetics, Wagah is steeped in delightful shades of sunset and earth painted on a canvas of  cotton nets and Karandis. We have always admired the design house’s in-house printing techniques and this one demonstrates the same quality and finesse that we have come to expect from the label. The exciting part about this collection are the gorgeous printed dupattas finished with beautiful printed borders that enhances the formal elements of the ensembles.

The other wonderful aspect of this collection is the wearability factor among age groups. It offers elegant block prints as well as more edgy scenic prints; after all everyone likes to shop for Eid!

The collection will be exclusively available for purchase at the Sania Maskatiya Flagship store and Labels eStore from tomorrow, 18th October 2012. While we have attached our favourite pieces here, you can view the entire range on Sania’s profile page.

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