Trend Alert: Signature Style with Shehla Chatoor for FPW A/W 2012


Shehla Chatoor has always prided herself for being creatively original in her work and she has proven this time and again with her electrifying showcases on the ramp, the most recent of which, ‘Spring Equinox’ won her the people’s choice award for ‘Most Inspiring Designer’ at the last FPW. This time she is back with another brilliant stroke of genius which she revealed exclusively to Secret Closet! Shehla’s metallic signature emblems have already become famous as a herald for her extraordinary creations. She has been a pioneer of  introducing signature branding in Pakistan through her use of exquisitely crafted metal cast logos on her apparel and accessories that add to the luxury high fashion factor in her designs.

Shehla Chatoor Shoot ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ for Sunday Times

Spring Equinox for FPW 2012

This year however she plans to take her concept a step further by developing and designing her own signature branded in-house prints for FPW Autumn/Winter 2012! It only makes perfect sense for a high fashion luxury label to be distinct and irreplicable in every aspect to retain its value as a sought after brand. Shehla recognizes the importance of this fact for Pakistani fashion to rise above and takes its due place in the global fashion configuration. Commenting on her signature line Shehla remarks, “Logos and signed printed fabric is an attempt by the brand ‘Shehla’ to make the outfits recognizable. This concept has never been pursued in the local fashion world before. The signature further highlights the fact that the fabric is exclusively printed in-house and engineered according to a particular cut and style.”

Shehla’s signature prints for upcoming FPW Autumn/Winter 2012

We bring to you exclusive sneak peeks of Shehla Chatoor prints that you will see on the runway as part of the FPW Finale along with creations from fashion giants Bunto Kazmi, Shamaeel and Maheen Khan next week! The international fashion scene from New York to Milan has seen an overwhelming obsession with print aesthetics. The fundamental idea lies in embedding a designer’s signature elements and their individual identity onto a canvas for the world to see and recognize as representing their style ethos. This forms the basis of Shehla’s capsule collection of prints for the season. She uses opulent silks imprinted with subtle colors and patterns reminiscent of Japanese gardens and the oriental influences she so loves, “Fascination with the Orient has always been associated with my brand, this capsule collection will showcase delicate prints from the Orient molded and draped to perfection. each outfit is fastened with at least one element from the forbidden city be it faux jade or metallic dragons!”

Shehla’s signature prints for upcoming FPW Autumn/Winter 2012

Shehla’s signature prints for upcoming FPW Autumn/Winter 2012

To wrap up our current trend obsession is signature branded designs that stand out!

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