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Designer Debut: Fashion ComPassion Takes Off with a Bang!
Designer Debut

Designer Debut: Fashion ComPassion Takes Off with a Bang!

Secret Closet attended the exclusive launch of Fashion ComPassion, that took place on Thursday at Ensemble Karachi. The event had all the warmth and delicate attention to detail that Catalyst Catwalk consistently manages to infuse in their affairs. Ayesha Mustafa the creator of the brand was elegant in a simple silk saffron dress by Misha Lakhani accessorized with an emerald green Palestyle clutch as she excitedly took us through the assortment of collections under each of the three handbag labels retailed at the launch; Palestyle, Nawa, and Sougha. Each representing a different culture and society handcrafted by local artisans of their respective regions.

Frieha Altaf, Ayesha Mustafa wearing Misha Lakhani, and guest (left to right)

Display of Nawa Clutches

Display of Palestyle clutches

We absolutely loved the selections, and were delighted to learn that each metallic carved script on the Palestyle clutches spelt a unique phrase. The green ones were inscribed with “Proud of Pakistan” while the white said “Embrace Life”. A rather lovely touch we thought! The colors and textures of the leather were exquisite and in tune with current trends of wearing bold statement colors to glam up simple ensembles.

Inscription reads “Power of a Woman”

Sougha clutches

Some of our favourite celebrities including Misha Lakhani, Sanam Chaudhri, and Anushay Ashraf were spotted supporting the label as well!

Anushay Ashraf sporting a Palestyle clutch 

 Misha Lakhani picking out a navy Nawa clutch in her own creation which we adore, how lovely are her pleated palazzos!

Ensemble partner Shehrnaz Hussain with Umair Tabani

Fashion ComPassion retail labels Nawa, Sougha, and Palestyle will be launching later this month at Ensemble, Lahore as well! For more pictures and details of the collection please visit the Fashion ComPassion profile page and our exclusive interview with Ayesha Mustafa.


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