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Project Runway: PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week Lahore 2012 Finale
Project Runway

Project Runway: PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week Lahore 2012 Finale

The 2012 PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week ended with a bang as HSY (feature right), Nida Azwer (feature left), Adnan Pardesy, and Fahad Hussayn mesmerized the audience with their dramatically choreographed collections. The finale was the the most powerful display of the week and Nida Azwer was the crown jewel that completed and elevated the stature of Pakistani Bridal Couture. HSY once again proved his rightful claim to the title of  ‘King of Couture’ with his tribute to the essence of Lahore with his collection ‘City of Gardens’ while Fahad Hussayn’s vivid and imaginative digital prints and custom woven brocades left us enchanted.

Fahad Hussayn Digital Prints

Fahad Hussayn Digital Printed Shawl

The Trend Show for the evening was styled by Khawar Riaz and featured Adnan Pardesy’s designs. Khawar’s efforts to tie the classic ‘Devdas Bride’ with ‘Cleopatra’ was quite clever and we loved the focus on the extended eyes illusion but what he did for the HSY collection involving the exaggerated eye lashes and intense dark shadows against the yellow was astonishing and we loved the fantasy it inspired.

Khawar Riaz featuring Adnan Pardesy

Nida Azwer’s wondrous talent knows no boundaries and her only accurate competitive bar are her own previous collections. She manages to outdo herself with each fashion week, a sign of a true artist. This time her inspirations lay in Kashmiri heritage which she infused effortlessly with her signature style. The long jackets that are her current obsession (almost as much as the angarkha) paired with the rich metallic jumpsuits were a match made in heaven.

Nida Azwer metallic jumpsuit with long jacket

Only Nida can embody such vast stylistic genres so naturally and with such grace. Her range of custom made opulent fabrics are the finest we have witnessed and the ‘Chibhali Collection’ was an absolute stroke of genius from the colors to the silhouette (we are so glad Nida stuck to the floor length hems!). Unlike other collections which offered a couple of great pieces, Nida’s entire collection was consistently awe inspiring. Please visit her profile page to view the entire collection.

Nida Azwer intricate gota work

We adored HSY’s men’s collection, accessorizing with the desi messenger bags was a delightful touch! The brides were regal with fluid layers and plenty of color. The oranges and yellows were especially prominent which was a nice touch to highlight the Mehndi bride for a change. HSY even added these warm hues to the navy blue and surprisingly it looked stunning! Please visit the HSY Profile page to view the entire collection

HSY Couture dramatics

HSY Menswear

The collection by Saai paled in comparison to the rest of the designers for the evening consisting of mostly whites and reds. A pretty collection but seemed a bit rushed. That’s a wrap for Bridal Week! Stay tuned for FPW 2012 coming up next! Please visit the PFDC Profile page to view the entire collection.


Saai featuring Nilofer Shahid

Photo credit: Faisal Farooqui

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