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Project Runway: Our Top 10 Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week Moments
Project Runway

Project Runway: Our Top 10 Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week Moments

This has probably been one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever had to make! The Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear New York Fashion Week that took place earlier this month was an incredibly stimulating affair that cast a week long spell on fashionistas throughout the world. While we absolutely loved the entertaining and out-of-the-box creative expressions used by some of the designers we decided the only way we could possibly narrow down the list to 10 was by sticking to a criterion. Therefore mentioned are the pieces that we found had the most universal charm and some common threads (literally in terms of fabric and detailing) with our own fantastic designers.

Oscar de la Renta Scribbled lace, love the Roman flats!

Vera Wang embellished lace

We fell in love with the stunning use of doily and Chantilly lace by fashion giants Oscar de la Renta and Burberry Prorsum respectively. De la Renta as always remained loyal to emphasizing female beauty in all her grace. Using conservative knee length pencil shapes and feminine flounce, this year was no different. However we like the statement he makes with the black scribbled embroidery on the delicate lace, intertwining individual strength and beauty. Burberry presented the exquisite fabric on its signature trench coats which was lovely (albeit not the most practical), and the green lace dress immediately made us think, “Hey that’s something I would wear!” Our first thought when we saw all the lace was Nida Azwer in her own fabulous Chantilly lace sari at the Misha Lakhani store opening! Her unique eyelet technique kurta from the PFDC Sunsilk FPW 2011 also immediately came to mind. Vera Wang’s collection similarly presented stark sub-continental influences using bejeweled Chantilly lace, eastern brocade, and cotton eyelet that were beyond exquisite.

Oscar de la Renta doily lace and Nida Azwer eyelet technique

Burberry Prorsum and Nida Azwer Chantilly Lace

Print fever contagion continued with the most striking collections by Thakoon, Michael Kors, and Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). Thakoon’s cherry blossoms and birds in a cage print was the prettiest stroke of genius as the shape of the dress and the gold bars literally curved to resemble a cage! Michael Kors digital cloud prints on silk captured the essence of spring. Any guesses for which designer made a similar play with her last collection?! None other than Sania Maskatiya’s Uraan prints with their delightful display of spring colors and the same clouds, birds, and trees. DVF used striking bold splashes of color against whites portraying vivid paintings; she even went so far as to incorporate an actual shalwar kurta with mirror work into the mix!

(left to right) Thakoon, Michael Kors, Sania maskatiya’s Uraan photographed by Nadir Firoz Khan, makeup Natasha Khalid, styling Maha Burney

Diane Von Furstenberg tunic and pants

Another piece we adored was from the Rodarte collection; although most of the collection didn’t speak to us we couldn’t get our eyes off the midnight blue against the unique gold marquetry embroidery at the waistline. The color blend is made in heaven as used by Shehla Chatoor in her silk jumpsuit with the twisted gold belt.

Midnight Blue Rodarte and Shehla Chatoor jumpsuit

The Marchesa collection was nothing short of a tribute to South Asian fashion. From gorgeous tulle embroidered saris wrapped and folded glamorously against embellished blouses, to brocade and rich sartorial printed fabrics arranged into dresses, the sub-continent was part of the DNA of this quintessential collection. The colorful printed brocade, strapless dress reminded us of Samia Ahmed’s vibrant screen prints. We’d love to see this style adapted at home, hint hint!

Marchesa Sari dress

Marchesa strapless dress

Our curiosity was aroused by Calvin Klein’s interesting fabric display. He used a black mesh overlay known as moiré embroidery in a wave like pattern that seemed to undulate as the modeled moved down the runway. The effect was a fascinating optical illusion! We would appreciate such experimentation with technique in our own designers’ works going forward.

Calvin Klein Moire

Finally we adored the use of incredibly light as air, self embossed organza fabric by Carolina Herrera in a short dress with puffed sleeves. A fabric that we feel is tragically underutilized; we’d love to see more of the fluid material used by our designers.

Carolina Herrera

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