Weekend Obsession: Kaani Shawls by Shehrnaz at One by Ensemble

Kaani by Shehrnaz by Ensemble (3)

Last weekend I made a trip to Dolmen Mall with I’d like to point out, no intention of shopping for myself! I was quite good up to the point when I saw these delightful, printed shawls by Shehrnaz at One by Ensemble. The colors were vividly striking, there was no dullness or faded effect that you find in the markets and the floral and paisley open pattern print was reminiscent of a happy painting on a canvas of the softest fabric. They were the last two pieces left, one in a subtle tea pink blended with touches of brown, green, and rust while the other had a neutral beige base painted with bright purple, green, blue and pink botanical images. I got them both for it was impossible to choose!

Don’t worry I’m sure the store has restocked by now but these limited edition pieces don’t last long! The collection is called Kaani by Shehrnaz and each piece is one of a kind, specially printed on light, breezy silk, chiffons and cottons for year round weather. Typically used on shawls the workmanship has been extended to cooler fabrics to increase their relevance.

Kaani shawls can be worn with a range of different styles, be it as a scarf over a top and jeans or over a kurta instead of a dupatta for a more chic look. They go with everything and will cosy up against any look you’re going for. The pieces are priced at Rs 2,500 and may be slightly more for the sequined pieces which are a bit more formal. They’re an especially great gift item since you don’t have to worry about sizes and they’re uniquely memorable. Visit the Ensemble profile to view more of their rocking collections!


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