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Weekend Obsession: Wedding Invitations by Mahj
Weekend Obsession

Weekend Obsession: Wedding Invitations by Mahj

If you’ve ever planned or attended a wedding recently you can appreciate the fact that they are super stressful to plan, especially for the bride for whom it is without exaggeration the biggest day of her life! There are dozens of matters to attend to and problems to resolve. The first impression is the invite itself which sets the tone for the whole affair. Mahj by Mahjabeen Obaid is to put it simply, the fairy godmother of wedding invitations and gift boxes. Specializing in personalized custom made invitations using an assortment of luxury papers, fabrics, and ornamental decorations, Mahj makes it possible for you to rest easy and cross off at least one thing from your wedding ‘to do’ list.

 Raw silk with cascading flowers

Blue jamavar and ribbon

The exclusive private label caters to your unique vision and theme for your special day unlike the customer service gentleman in the markets who can’t relate to what you’re trying to say! From elegant wooden boxes decorated with intricate Swarovski crystals and antique embellishments to pure jamavar fabrics, ribbons, and embroidered organza, there are countless elegant options. We love the rich foam stuffing that adds to the luxe factor.

Bridal pouches with Swarovski brooches

An exotically carved box invite…love!

Aside from the invites Mahj creates beautiful statement gift boxes so your guests leave with a lasting impression of refined luxury. Mahjabeen’s distinct aesthetics and imaginative style is truly remarkable. We love these delicate floral arrangements on handcrafted boxes that one can treasure as a memento to mark the occasion.

 Floral gift box

Pure jamavar with peacock feather embellished

For more information on how to order these delightfully artistic pieces visit or contact Mahjabeen at

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