Weekend Obsession: Rabeeya Moin’s Tie Dye Pants

IMG_7136 (1)

Tie dye trends have been playing on again off again for centuries since the technique’s origin in 800 AD in regions of Japan, Peru, India and Africa until they were absorbed by the US hippie movement in the 20th century. News flash: they’re back again, the only difference; for the first time tie dye has made its way to pants and we love it! A natural progression from the colored jeans and printed pants that we have been harping on about for a while now if you’ve been paying attention! This trend has gone viral globally and we’re surprised we didn’t think of it first.

Tie dye dupattas have been around longer than most of us and we honestly think the wow factor has been exhausted. However donning a pair of flared tie dye shaded pants with a solid colored simple shirt for everyday wear is super fun. Where to find a pair you ask? Hit The Designers Store and look for Rabeeya Moin’s selection. Rabeeya has smartly and timely introduced the style in a range of colors from classic navy to bright yellows and reds with her latest Eid collection.

 We like how Rabeeya has lined the inside with a contrasting colored border as well. Quick style warning, when you’re wearing splashy pants keep the top and rest of the outfit simple and monochrome. We would not recommend mixing tie dye pants and color blocked shirts for example. Additionally the pants should ideally boast no more than two colors. There’s a thin line between stylish and scary. Happy weekend shopping all!

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