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Weekend Obsession: Cute Crossbody Bags
Weekend Obsession

Weekend Obsession: Cute Crossbody Bags

The bigger your bag gets the more you tend to throw everything but the kitchen sink in there, are we right? Many of us try to fit our entire life into our bags and then some. Lugging around that heavy weight tote in the sticky Summer heat may look good but its not fun, which is why we love the comfortable, light weight crossbody bags this season. They free up your arms and are compact enough to store the essentials for your everyday errands especially if you’re shopping. They are also thief resistant, an added bonus! Any mugger will think twice before trying to snatch this from across your body, so you can safely roam the markets not worrying about whose watching!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

Tory Burch Dash Mini Messenger

Crossbody bags started out small but have now grown so you can choose what size suits you best. They come in never ending colors and styles to suit any occasion, here are some options to choose from. Locally you can buy them from the Mango store and Accessorize both of which are currently hosting a 50-75% sale or order them online from


 Mulberry Mini Chain Strap

American Eagle Fringe Crossbody

Mango Black Quilt Crossbody

Asos Bird across bag inspired by Marc Jacobs

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