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Trend Alert: The Rebirth of Crochet
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: The Rebirth of Crochet

Crochet has been underrated for the most part in style trends until just recently. Influenced by the return of 1970’s fashion, crochet clothing has become an independent Spring / Summer 2012 trend and has even made its way to Milan 2012 Spring Fashion Week. I am surprised at how this beautifully bohemian vintage style escaped our attention for so long. Especially at home where it is right under our noses with grandma knitting away her sweaters and shawls! The fabric offers itself to be used in so many different way from dresses to tops, shorts, pants and swim wear. The weight of the knit gives it a natural fall as it shapes itself to perfectly fit around any figure.

Delphi, a brand founded in 1994 by Nargis Kiani and co-managed by her daughter Nida Tapal was formerly known as ‘Simply Beautiful’ and is a label inspired by the ancient art of crochet. Their pieces are an absolutely staggering array of crocheted saris, dresses, and kurtas enlaiden elaborately with sequins, pearls and beads to give them an ethereal dream like quality. Using whites and soft pastels the designers have created delicately charming ensembles that can be carried both formally and casually. The intricate weave is an age old art  form passed down from generations and Delphi employs women from the Northern parts of Pakistan and Kashmir who have been born into the craft to create these patterns. It is an incredibly different collection including  patterns ranging from geometric design to florals. Lets hope the crochet trend proves contagious not only because of its beauty but also in order to prevent this craft from facing extinction in our country. Delphi is exclusively available at Ensemble in Lahore and Karachi and Asmani outlet in Islamabad. Custom orders can also be placed, for details please visit their profile page.

Evidence of the growing trend is apparent even in the markets which now stock an assortment of crochet fabrics and laces in countless patterns and colors. Given the easy fall of the fabric it can be beautifully stitched even through tailors. So ladies lets get our crochet on!

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