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Designer Debut: Anum Salik & Fatima Sajid
Designer Debut

Designer Debut: Anum Salik & Fatima Sajid

Anum Salik and Fatima Sajid collaborated for the first time to bring us their Spring Pret-a-Porter Block Print line.The exhibit was held on Fri 6th and Sat 7th April. If you’re a block print kinda gal  you would not have wanted to miss this. The collection contained sultry silks in shades of plums, wines, emeralds, and ivory among others. The prints derived inspiration from the ancient Sanskrit scripts as well as Chinese and Urdu. The motifs comprised of historical horse carriages, warriors and Mughal design. It was incredibly different but not at the expense of not being wearable. My friend and I got most of the stuff there although we had to place orders due to the excessive demand! There were some select gorgeous rilli block prints as well in pastels and beige with striking kundan buttons. To complete the look the fall of the Irish linen and voile kurtas was full of grace. Oh and did I mention the prices were especially reasonable. All in all one of the few worthy ‘first time’ exhibits I’ve visited recently. Stay tuned for more updates regarding future exhibits. Visit their profile page for contact details. Great job ladies!

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