Yasmin Zaman talks to Secret Closet about her upcoming 'Hanum Collection' to be showcased on Day 2 of Bridal Couture Week in Karachi. Yasmin also presented her distinctively enchanting work at BCW 2013 that was met with acclaim by audience and critics alike. Take a look at what she has in store for us this bridal season!

Having participated at the previous BCW 2013 as well, what can you tell us about the collection you will be showcasing this year and how is it different?

This year's collection has been inspired by the motifs and patterns found in Mughal art and architecture. This artistic universe encompasses floral, and geometrical designs symbolizing the fusion of Central Asian and Sub-continental art forms. The element of arch form have also been incorporated to signify the Central Asian aesthetic that has informed the evolution of dress sense in the Subcontinent. The colors and the style of work used are very different from the BCW2013 collection.

What is your opinion on current trends in bridals and evening  wear?

In my opinion trends in bridal and evening wear are progressing towards less volume and more tapered silhouettes.

As a designer, what would you say is the one signature quality of your brand that sets it apart from others?

What differentiates the Yasmin Zaman Label is the fusion of modern cuts for today's woman, with traditional styles. Craftsmanship employing  aari, zardozi, kamdani, melded with in-house hand printing define the mood for the collective.

Do you find your work challenging or does it come very easily to you? 

The actual conceptualization of designs is the creative impulse, which comes naturally. The challenge is in the translation of the design through the various stages of production into an ensemble.  It is necessary to have a motivated team of artisans and tailors who are on the same page. 

How would you define your own style?

I would say I enjoy a more fusion style that combines the best of both worlds.

Stay tuned for the complete runway review of Yasmin Zaman's stellar collection for BCW 2014 that will be available for orders following the event.